Opera Reports on Mobile Search Usage

    June 25, 2009
    Chris Crum

Opera released its newest State of the Mobile Web report, which includes a spotlight on search engine usage on the mobile web.

Tetzchner "Searching the Web via a mobile device presents an enormous opportunity for both search engines and consumers," says Opera CEO Jon von Tetzchner. "Almost all search engines are moving forward to offer relevant and timely information based on location. Yet, consumers prefer services from the search engines they already know and use."

 "As the mobile Web becomes more pervasive and more people have their first experience on the Web from a mobile device, it will be fascinating to see how these habits might change," adds Tetzchner. "We are certainly only at the beginning of the mobile Web revolution."

Here are some findings from the report:

– Google continues to assert itself as a global leader in search, but Yandex and Baidu continue to be the top players in Russia and China, respectively, and Yahoo is particularly strong in Indonesia and Nigeria.

– Opera Mini users in India and Nigeria are the biggest users of search portals. In India, 16.3% of page-views are from search portals, and users viewed an average of 63.7 search-portal pages per month. In Nigeria, 26.6% of page-views are from search portals, and users viewed an average of 49.6 search portal pages per month.
– Opera Mini users in Ukraine use search portals the least: 0.7% of page-views are from search portals, and users only view an average of 4.3 search portal pages per month.

In May, Opera Mini had nearly 25.4 million users, an 8.4% increase from April. Those 25.4 million Opera Mini users viewed over 9.6 billion pages in May.