OpenX Launches Online Ad Platform

    April 16, 2009

OpenX Technologies has launched an online ad marketplace aimed at smaller online publishers and designed to be an alternative to larger brands such as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft.

OpenX Market is focused on helping publishers generate more revenue and to help advertisers more easily reach their target audiences across large numbers of publishers. Publishers have control over routing any or all of their ad impressions into the OpenX Market by using tools integrated into the company’s ad server.

The OpenX Market uses a real-time auction for impressions on Web sites, comparing the ad rates for advertising through its market place with a publisher’s own inventory and runs the one, which will provide the most revenue.

Tim Cadogan
Tim Cadogan

"Historically, the online advertising market has been fractured, opaque, hard to participate in and therefore inefficient. In particular, mid-sized and smaller publishers lack the ability to reach a broad set of advertisers. Conversely, advertisers see lots of value in niche sites and audiences, but find it very hard to discover and buy those sites and audiences." said Tim Cadogan, chief executive officer, OpenX.

"The OpenX Market is all about making these connections simple, seamless and scalable. We have listened extensively to our very large global community of publishers and have developed the Market specifically to overcome these inefficiencies by providing all classes of publishers and ad buyers with a unique monetization platform that we believe will create enormous value for both."