CES 2012: OpenMobile Makes Android Apps Run On Everything


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There are more than just Android and iOS powering smart devices today and one company is making apps easier to get on those other platforms.

OpenMobile announced today at CES their Application Compatibility Layer (ACL) which allows for perfect porting of the more than 300,000 apps available for Android to devices running on other OSes including Windows, Linux and more.

ACL is meant to provide a plethora of apps to any device running any OS by porting Android apps perfectly to the device. OpenMobile claims that there is no exception and that their unique software emulates the Android runtime environment perfectly so that every app runs like it would on an Android device.

They also claim that ACL will not drain any system resources such as power or memory so devices will remain just as they are without any negative impact on their performance.

The big news is that ACL will require no developer effort. This basically means that nobody will have to rewrite or modify the code to make them run. It makes the implementation of these apps effortless.

This essentially allows any business to ship their device with a large quantity of apps preloaded onto their devices without having to rely on developers to craft custom apps for their platform.

ACL will support all tablets, eReaders, smart TVs, smartphones and connected cars and any OS they happen to be running.

This is an industry shifter in the mobile arena. By giving access to all the apps on Android to other smart devices running other OSes, it leverages the competition by allowing any device to compete in the mobile market. Apps are one of the most important resources to any smart device and OpenMobile is making the market more competitive which can only be good thing