Open Mic Fun: Flirting With Strippers In GTA Online Is Awkward

    October 29, 2013
    Chris Richardson
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Voice over IP is a common feature of most, if not all multiplayer games. Some games choose to limit who can hear in-game chatter, keeping team chat streams separate from one another. In an open-world online game like GTA Online, however, there aren’t any teams, so the in-game chat can be heard by anyone who’s logged into that particular session. This means unless fellow GTA Online players are actively muting their counterparts, they can hear all of the verbal diarrhea being spewed. This, unfortunately, includes poor attempts to flirt with virtual strippers who appear in the game.

As you can see in the lead video, such attempts at flirtation can lead to funny and embarrassing results. Who knows? Maybe the guy being recorded was only goofing off, but the end result is pretty cringe-worthy. Again, this might be the intended reaction by the lady’s man being recorded; but if it’s not, then the awkward level increases exponentially.

With that in mind, what did we learn from this little public service announcement? Everyone in your GTA Online session can hear what you say, unless they’ve muted you. Granted, such a feature only invites the trolls to come out, but that’s why Rockstar was kind enough to include the mute option. Of course, some players would like to do away with the default open mic status, but I’m not sure how realistic that is. Rockstar has already patched GTA Online a few times, and the open mic status remains. This means player awareness is important. When playing, keep in mind that if your mic–or PS Eye camera is on–everyone who logged in the same game can hear everything you’re saying.

Tread appropriately.

[Lead image via Rockstar]
  • Stupid People Tricks

    GTA is awesome. I haven’t had the time to get the new game but it is on my list. I was one of those people who thought video games were for kids, but then a friend got me to try GTA IV. I have been hooked every since. Video games sure beat movies and provide many more hours of entertainment value. It is actually like you are in an interactive movie now.

    As for the strippers. Who cares. Everyone likes a good stripper anyway. They may not admit it, but people like to look at good looking nude women. Actually, what is funny is the number of women that are going to strip joints now. Many, many, many women go to them. Really the strippers are not a big part of the games at all, so they are really not that important to the overall game playing experience.

  • Stupid People Tricks

    Oh yeah, don’t worry about voice over IP, the only people really monitoring that are the folks at the NSA!

  • Scott

    Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) isn’t the same thing as Xbox/PS3 game chat. VoIP is an alternative configuration to a phone network, most similar to regular digital phones.