Open AIM to include ad sharing

    March 5, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Developers working with the Open AIM platform will have the option to pull in some revenue through a new program expected to debut next month.

AOL picked up meebo and eBuddy as partners for the Open AIM 2.0 developer program, newly announced today.  Developers will be able to build AIM into other web-based services, as free SDKs and APIs became available.

An AOL spokesperson expanded a bit on AIM Money, the ad revenue sharing platform expected to be available in April. It will leverage what AOL has built with Userplane Money, and split proceeds with developers on a pay per click basis.

Developers should note the previous per-day and per-month usage limits have been eliminated from Open AIM. The new version supports development of chat services for international users. Also, mobile applications created with Open AIM will have a mandate to be free and open per the project’s goals.