Online Videos Go Viral

    July 26, 2007

If you have plans for any kind of viral marketing campaign in 2007, you may wish to take at the numbers revealed by a new Pew study.

57% of internet user watch video online and of that number 57% send their favorite videos on to their friends. They must be sending them to more than one person, judging by the 75% that said they receive videos from others. If your video appeals to the 18-29 age group, you can expect that video sharing rate to jump to 67%.

But before you grab your video camera and round up the staff, you may want to consider some investment into video production. 62% of online video watchers prefer content that is “professionally produced” and only 19% prefer videos “produced by amateurs.” Can’t be bothered to hire a production crew? Target the male 18-29 demo – only 43% of them prefer professional video.

Finally, here’s the type of content online video viewers prefer:


Video: What They're Watching

So, a hit video needs to be a mixture of comedy and news, huh? What’s Dan Rather up to these days? ;-)