Online Video Ads Lead To Sales

    June 13, 2007

Online video ads are converting to sales, according to the Online Publishers Association (OPA) "Frames of Reference: Online Video Advertising, Content and Consumer Behavior" report.

Out of 80 percent of viewers who watched an online video ad over half took some type of action. Close to a third had visited a related Web site, while 22 percent looked for more information, 15 percent had gone to a store and 12 percent made a purchase.

"With online video firmly entrenched in the mainstream, marketers need to understand what works for driving key advertising metrics," said Pam Horan, OPA president. "Frames of Reference identifies the most important factors — from ad length to the impact of adjacent content — that can improve video advertising effectiveness."

PointRoll examined how online video advertising is useful to brand marketers, and discovered that interactivity can increase the time viewers spend with brands. When a video ad included some form of interactivity such as buttons to click to find out more, it created an increase in the average brand interaction time.

eMarketer Senior Analyst David Hallerman said, "This is the kind of data that each company needs to measure for its own brand and its own campaign."

"While useful as a starting point, average interaction rates or increases in branding metrics such as awareness or intent to buy depend significantly on the marketer’s objectives, the stage in a brand’s life (introduction or longtime, say), where the video runs (which Web sites and pages) and what format delivers the message."