Online Shopping By Minorities Increases

Frequency also rises

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Online shopping by African-Americans, Asians, Hispanics and other minorities has increased significantly over the past five years, according to a new report from The Media Audit.

Online Shopping By Minorities Increases

"The 88 markets surveyed for this report have an aggregate adult population of approximately 145 million and 58 million of those adults are members of a minority," says Bob Jordan, president of International Demographics, Inc.

"As a result of their numbers, their increasing tendency to shop online is very significant to most marketers," adds Jordan. International Demographics, Inc. is a 37- year-old market research firm which produces The Media Audit.

Among African-Americans, 40.6 percent now shop online, compared to 27.1 percent five years ago. More than 20 percent now make five or more purchase in a year and 10.9 percent make more than a dozen purchases. The total adult African-American population in the 88 markets surveyed is approximately 17.6 million.

Seventy percent of Asians now shop online, up form 27.1 percent five years ago. More than 20 percent now make five or more purchases in a year and 10.9 percent make more than twelve purchase. The total adult Asian population in 88 markets is estimated to be 9.8 million.

The report found 41.8 percent of Hispanics now shop online, compared to 27.7 percent five years ago. In addition, 23.5 percent of Hispanics make five or more purchases in a year and 12.3 percent make 12 or more purchases. The total adult Hispanic population in the markets surveyed is about 23.3 million.

All other minorities in the survey are grouped and total approximately 8.5 million. Just over 52 percent shop online, 33.9 percent make five or more purchases in a year and 19.5 percent make 12 or more purchases.

Among all adults surveyed, 55.8 percent now shop online, compared to 44.1 percent in 2002. In addition, 35.7 percent made five or more purchase and 19.8 percent made 12 or more purchases.


Online Shopping By Minorities Increases
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    Back about 20 years when my daughter was an infant, I discovered the convenience and safety of mail order shopping and bought most of our basic necessities except for groceries by mail.  Being Hispanic I can now, with the magic of Internet, include buying great books, music, gifts, etc.  It would have to be a special item to get me out to the malls!  I’ve also made available a couple of stores on one of my web sites.

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    As a mority myself I am very glad to know online shopping is increasing to the point it is, I look forward to doing business with everyone who find their way to my shopping Web site.  I really do think online shopping is the safest way to shop nowadays, especially when people know they are shopping with very reputable merchants.  More people are educating themselves on the does and don’ts of shopping online these days, with that new shopping knowledge they gain the confidence to do most of their shopping from home online where they feel safer do so.

    We are living in a rapidly changing world in the arena of our choice of shopping, I’m glad to be a part of it.

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    Fueling the sharp increase in online shopping is a result of the dramatic increase in broadband usage. It is not surprising that broadband users are far more likely to shop online. There’s no doubt that the amount spent online is growing and will continue to grow at an exponential rate, but what is growing even faster is the level of online competition.

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