Online Marketing And Advertising

    March 12, 2007

Avenue A | Razorfish, an interactive agency and buyer of digital online media, have released their annual digital outlook guide for marketers and advertisers.

“Unlike traditional marketing, the impact, reach and accountability of online marketing resulted in strong growth in 2006 for many Web publishers,” commented Jeff Lanctot, editor of the report and senior vice president and general manager at Avenue A | Razorfish. “Long-time digital leaders like Google, Yahoo! and MSN enjoyed an aggressive increase in advertising spend, as did resurgent properties like AOL and new destinations like social networks and blogs.”

Avenue A | Razorfish’s 2006 online media billings were up 30 percent from 2005, and up 73 percent from 2004. Search continued to grow while display media grew more than search marketing in 2006. Large traditional marketers continued to focus their spending on digital channels with brand-friendly media and video ads proving to be effective.

The report includes qualitative research on the ‘Digital Class’, a study of the online habits of 18 to 24 year olds in the US, UK and Canada. “The results confirmed what we believed to be true from the popular social sites, but it goes beyond self-expression,” said Lanctot. “This population lives and breathes the Internet, and seeks differentiation through media, music and online networking. For marketers seeking to engage with the Digital Class, it’s critical to have a clear understanding of how this group uses the Internet and other digital channels, as well as how they view marketing. The differences are stark.”

Unlike traditional media channels, the online media environment allows digital advertisers to better track and measure their campaigns. Using customized attribution tools, advertisers improve campaign evaluation, find profitable Web sites and integrate their Web media and search strategies for a better return on investment.

Lanctot concludes, “If the marketer’s goal is to inspire customers, building a better Web site that meets customer needs is one thing. Engaging consumers beyond the Web site by connecting with them in their world on their terms is the way to build a long-term relationship.”