Online Holiday Shopping Popular At Work

    December 15, 2006

Shopping online is popular, especially during the hectic holiday season. Shopping online while at work is even more popular according to a new survey from CyberSource. The findings indicate that the peak online shopping volumes are during conventional working hours

During the week of December 3 through December 9 the peak online shopping was 1 pm Pacific time and 4 pm Eastern time. Working hours for most people. In contrast the hours that saw the lowest amount of volume were 11 pm and 4 am Pacific time and 2 am and 7 am Eastern Time.

The survey also found differences in the volume of online shopping on the weekends when compared to the workweek. Monday and Tuesday were the highest volume of online shopping while Saturday and Sunday saw the lowest volumes of online transactions.

“We’ve all seen the numbers – broadband is now in two-thirds of American homes equipped for the Internet,” said Doug Schwegman of CyberSource. “But our processing stats say the majority of people are still doing their online shopping from the office.”

There is some indication of change in the survey. During the same period in 2004 the difference between the highest and lowest volumes of online holiday shopping was 300 percent. In 2006 the difference was almost half that with 160 percent.

“The graphs are flattening – albeit with much higher numbers. Online shopping is not only getting bigger, it’s becoming more of a 24-hour phenomenon,” said Mr. Schwegman.

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