Online Fantasy Fishing Reels ‘Em In

    December 12, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Let me just start with this: Several hundred thousand people are participating in Fantasy Fishing. Just goes to show you that online, there’s a hook for everything.

I can’t get the three people in my house to agree on what to watch on TV – when we have time to watch TV. I like to fish…well, I like to sit in a boat with a case of beer and a line in the water.

But actually catching one would really screw up my day.

And $1 million might be enough to coax me into joining up with those hundreds of thousands of people as they choose from and follow the best anglers in the country, just like one would in fantasy football. But good luck keeping me awake long enough to make it past the first week.

I’ve seen those fishing shows. Two guys in a boat, talking about bait, how much their fish weighs. I wouldn’t know any more than that; Sundays are for football.

But I suppose it’s better than watching golf. Or tennis. But not quite as exciting as the Antiques Road Show, now is it?

Well, whatever. Online fantasy fishing is floating hundreds of thousands of people’s boats, if it’s not floating mine. And a portion of these hundreds of thousands of people are very willing to cast over the $40 fee "to access detailed information about pro anglers, lake conditions and expert commentary."

You can find out more – you know, if you have that kind of time – at the Wall Street Journal, or just motor on over to