What Happens To You Online When You Die?

Social Media

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It used to be that when a person dies, their family settles all of their affairs left on this physical earth. Our digital selves and reliance on social media has changed all of this.

In the bluntly titled, “What happens online when you die?,” Life Insurance Finder lists the various policies that Web sites and social media sites have in place to handle a user’s death.

They present interesting stats such as the fact that three Facebook users die every minute for a total of 1.78 million Facebook users in 2011.

All the data that you have created on these Web sites belongs to them once you pass on. It’s usually up to your family to present proof of death or an attorney’s order to get the information back into the hands of your family.

They do all this to remind people that it’s important to set up plans for how your data should be handled when you die. You don’t want just anybody digging through your emails to find dirt on your after your passing.

Here’s a handy video that shows what Web sites do with your information after you die: