Online Artist Says Open Up And Say Eww

    March 29, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

One man’s art is another man’s “yick!” A person by the screen name “oralpixation” is staging an online “happening” for April Fool’s Day by asking “What’s in your mouth?” Those interested in answering that question are encouraged to upload a picture of their mastication habits to Flickr on Saturday.

According to the homepage and the MySpace blog, oralpixation was conceived in Geneva, named in Austin, and lives in New York City. Well, he did say this was a “global” event.

The invitation reads as follows:

“this is a global internet event. for 24 hours on 1 april 2006, we want you to take a picture of everything you put in your mouth. we do not care what goes in, just take a picture. we know you kids are good and will keep things decent.”

Link bait, publicity stunt, April Fool’s joke, or art? The commissioner of the event calls it a “happening,” or a staged artistic event, and an “online flashmob,” and insists that it is no joke.

Of course, if he’s seriously expecting people to “keep things decent,” the joke may be on him. An invitation to exhibit the inhabitant of a person’s mouth seems like an unequivocal porn invitation. Or maybe it’s erotica. Or maybe that will be the point.

Either way, it’s conflictingly gross and intriguing.

If you’re one that can’t keep his mouth shut, you can contribute to the event by uploading your pictures through this public Flickr account.

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