Online Amateur Videos Get Fewer Comments

    January 18, 2008

Professional online video content may attract more comments than user-generated content according to Accustream iMedia Research report, "User Generated Video 2005-2008: Metadata Metrics."

Total user-generated videos published in 2007 reached an estimated 1.2 million, along with 26.5 million related comments.

Accustream found that MySpace TV’s library averaged 36.9 comments per video in 2007, while Metacafe videos received an average of 32.3, followed by YouTube at 25.4.

MySpace TV video received more comments than those on the other sites because of a focus on semi-professional and professional content.

Accustream said that comments could be a useful tool for marketers. "User comments are an indication of content engagement intent and underlying motivation," said Paul A. Palumbo, the company’s research director.

"Comments reflect interactive activity meaningful to brands, publishers and advertisers, particularly as a community’s conversation about video becomes intrinsic to CPM value. Video is visual and visceral," Palumbo said.