Online Advertising Boosted By Writers’ Strike?

    January 16, 2008

Whether it’s true or not, we’ve heard it again and again: online advertising will do all right in a recession.  Now there’s more evidence to support the statement, and also a sign that a new-ish factor – the writers’ strike – is helping online ads.

Up until now, discussions usually centered on Google, the death of print, or returns on investment.  Or the effects, and never mind the causes, of online ads doing well – like some sort of "it’ll be okay" mantra backed up by statistics.Online Advertising Boosted By Writers' Strike?

Yet Josh Catone notes, "As the strike drags on, and original primetime TV content dries up, advertisers may begin to jump ship for other mediums.  Chrysler, the third-largest automaker in the US, already has, choosing to run ads on sports and the Internet instead of primetime television."

Admittedly, Chrysler hasn’t been much of a trendsetter in recent years (and since it was bought by Cerberus, nobody’s sure what’s going on).  Still, it seems like a logical conclusion that other companies will follow, and that a recession will hit Web advertising less hard than many other segments.

Of course, there’s still a glimmer of a chance that a recession won’t come at all, but that’s looking extraordinarily unlikely at this point.