One Page Of Javascript, Lots Of Effects

    April 24, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

A cheat sheet of useful suggestions on hand can beat the best search engine by virtue of being immediately available.

The sheet published by Amy Hoy of Slash7, a site focused on web design and related topics, made the Scriptaculous Cheat Sheet.

Scriptaculous is a collection of JavaScripts created by developer Thomas Fuchs that focus on improving the visual web browsing experience. They provide the web developer with an array of attention-getting effects to place on a website.

Those effects include drag-and-drop, sliders, and several visual fade in and fade out looks. They work in IE, Firefox, and Apple’s Safari browser; a brief test with Opera 9 Beta shows they work with that browser as well.

Many of the effects can be used in combination with others. Making it easy to figure that out led Hoy to create the Cheat Sheet. With it, the developer can where to place options for the various Scriptaculous effects.

One sample of this has been seen on a number of websites, where something on the page highlights in yellow before fading back to white to match the rest of the page. does this when a user clicks on a Find link in Recent Stories; the anchor tag moves the page to that part of the page, highlights it in yellow, and fades.

The Cheat Sheet shows how to change that behavior to use different colors. That way the developer could make it match a site’s theme more accurately by fading with colors approved by the public relations group, for example.

Developers can set the duration or delay for effects; stages and transitions for effects; and determine the queue to set whether effects run simultaneously or not.

More information about the Scriptaculous libraries may be found on the site’s Wiki page.


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