On eBay, ‘It’ Can Be A Job As Mayor

    November 3, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

When eBay debuted its recent marketing campaign, they said you could find It on eBay, whatever it is; for one man, ‘It’ is the keys to the mayor’s office in Danville, IL.

The Northwest Indiana Times reported how the mayor-for-a-day gig went for $431.19 on eBay. A local Danville group working to promote the city’s business district had made a number of local “experiences” available for auction.

A chance to be the top official in the city went to a disabled veteran who placed the winning bid. 61 year-old Sterling ‘Ken’ Hardwick, a resident of the nearby town of Potomac, spent Tuesday making the rounds of civic meetings and municipal buildings.

The city’s auctions brought in over $1,000, which the sponsoring group will use to fund additional programs and promotional events. Over 30 auctions were conducted, with the mayor’s job raking in the highest bid.

“I thought it went so cheap,” Hardwick said in the report. “I’ll go home and remember this the rest of my life.”

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