Omniture Announces SiteCatalyst Version 13

    September 7, 2006

Omniture is set to launch version 13 of their popular Web Analytic Software. This latest release will include features geared towards Web 2.0 as well a self configurable console.

The official launch will be next week.

Web 2.0 Technologies:

– Social Networking

– Blog Value

– Rich Internet Applications (RIA)

– Dynamic Search

– Visitor Interaction Profiling

Key features of the console include:

– Management of user access and permissions for individuals, groups and functions by roles and entitlements

– Fast and accurate creation, configuration and management of thousands of report suites which includes pre-configured suite templates tailored for specific industries and site types

– Support for the deployment and management of multiple currencies and languages

– Automatic generation of collection code by application type, including Web pages, wireless devices and rich Internet applications

– Open access to external systems through a Web Services API and software developer kit to automate all administrative functionality

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