Om Malik: the Revenge of Windows Mobile

    February 16, 2006

Is Microsoft coming into the mobile space fast and furious? Yes and Om Malik noticed.

It’s real interesting that I’m getting a good look at the latest cell phones. I have a Nokia N90, and a new HTC phone (with Wifi built in!), and a new Sprint phone (I don’t have that one with me, so forgot the number).

I’m jealous of Nokia’s blog program. First they send phones out to bloggers to try out for a while. Second they have better photo and blog applications included on the phone.

Don’t count Nokia out. Their phone has a better camera on it (but is much more expensive than the Cingular 2125 phone that I am now using as my main phone. Funny enough that’s the only phone in my possession that I actually spent my own money on. It’s a great phone. How good is this phone? It’s the first one, out of dozens that Shel Israel has tried, that works in his house.

Yesterday, on our snowmobiling trip, we compared phones with several other guests (including an anesthesiologist from Florida) and mine always had the best reception.

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