Olympics Web Traffic Creams American Idol

    February 23, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Though Fox’s TV pop culture phenom “American Idol” is dominating Olympic coverage in terms of ratings, traffic to NBCOlympics.com nearly quintupled traffic to IdolOnFox.com during the week ending February 12th, Nielsen/NetRatings reports.

IdolOnFox.com attracted 509,000 unique visitors that week, while NBCOlympics.com attracted 2.3 million unique visitors. The numbers shed some light on the relationship between television and Internet media.

“On the Web, the Olympics is more popular than American Idol, demonstrating the different ways in which people are consuming the Internet and television,” said Jon Gibs, director of media, Nielsen//NetRatings.

“With the time zone difference between Torino and the U.S., American Olympic fans are checking scores online at work before heading home to watch the games on TV.”

User control over event viewing is thought to be one of the key factors driving Olympic site traffic vs. Olympic television viewing.

“With people’s attention getting pulled into multiple facets of media, NBCOlympics.com made a smart move to provide users a way to plan their TV viewing experience through interactive listings and options, with highlight videos they can watch on their own timeline,” said Gibs.

It will be interesting how Web and TV ratings differ tonight as the Women’s Ice Skating finals will be up against American Idol voting results.

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