Old Video of Steve Jobs Introducing the Mac

    January 25, 2005

A link in SearchBrains.com that led to a blog post by Joe Wilcox of Jupiter Research linked to a restored video of Steve Jobs introducing the Macintosh for the first time.

It shows a very young Steve Jobs in front of an enthusiastic crowd saying, “that everything you see on the big screen will come from what is in that bag”.

He goes over and opens the bag and pulls out a not so elegant Macintosh computer. He turns it on and then reaches into his inner coat pocket and pull out a floppy disk and inserts it into the Macintosh.

The room goes dark.

The crowd goes wild while a video generated by the computer introduces the Macintosh.

Steve then tells the audience that this computer can talk. The Macintosh proceeds to read text on the screen in a very computerized sounding voice.

It starts …

“Hello, I’m Macintosh. It sure is great to get out of that bag. Unaccustomed to speaking in public, I’d like to share with you a maxim I thought of the first time I met an IBM mainframe. NEVER TRUST A COMPUTER YOU CAN’T LIFT.”

The crowd cheers. The computer continues talking …

“Obviously, I can talk, but right now I’d like to sit back and listen. So it is with considerable pride that I introduce a man whose been like a father to me … STEVE JOBS.”

Watch the video here.

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