Old Spice ‘Mom Song’ – Creepy Or Funny?

    January 6, 2014
    Val Powell
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Old Spice released a hilarious new commercial on Sunday during the AFC Wild Card Game and it has immediately gone viral, hitting a million views on YouTube barely a day into its release. The ad, called “Mom Song”, features moms creepily appearing on their son’s dates while singing a sad song. Old Spice sprayed their sons into men.

Within the last few years, Old Spice has become known for its many ridiculously funny and hugely successful commercials. This one is just as funny as the rest, and maybe a bit creepy too. It features a mom desperately hanging on to the bumper of her son’s car with her knees sliding along in a laundry basket.  The creepiness continues with a mom popping up on her son eating lunch in a restaurant with his date disguised as a creepy-looking custodian.  As if that wasn’t enough, one mom smashes a chocolate covered cake with her fist and another free falls from the sky while playing a violin.

The 60-second spot ad has been described as original, funny and slightly creepy. Old spice managing director John Sebastian said that the ad targets young men as well as mothers who might purchase the spray for their sons.

Old Spice is known for its award winning commercials such as “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” which features actor Isaiah Mustafa – the debonair shirtless black guy on a white horse. More recently, the commercials feature Terry Crews doing all manner of craziness including playing musical instruments with his pectorals. Although “Mom Song” lacks Mustafa and Crews, it demands attention nonetheless.

Watch Old Spice Classic Commercials. RIDICULOUS!


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  • http://nonono.com WtfMan

    It is creepy. Why is our humor on a 1st grade level?

    • renee

      Ever check out the average age of advertising employees these days?? Twenty-somethings right out of college. So, that’s the humor and taste level… Experienced workers are given pink slips and the advertisements definitely show. This commercial is horrendous.

  • chloe

    I think the part when the lady is hanging onto the car bumper is funny.
    Then, it proceeds to get, yeah, ‘creepy.’ It’s just strange.

    • tom

      i found the laundry basket scene frightening and creepy like the rest of the commercial. what the…?!

  • Bridgett

    Definitely creepy

  • Dennis

    You want creepy? How about the GEICO ads with girls attracted to talking pigs and geckos?

  • Sarah G.

    Creepy…not even remotely a fan.

  • Shy

    I guess I’m outvoted. I’m a nearly 70-year-old woman who has always loved Old Spice and been sad that it had lost popularity many years ago and is seldom smelled on any guys anymore. I think the ads are hilarious.

  • B

    Funny?? Are you kidding me!! That committal is so creepy it gave me nightmares! I hate it and if and when I see it again it will be muted and my eyes will be closed.

  • rocme

    Old Spice mom was creepy. I think you would want your son to grow up to be a man. But if he still lives at home, make him do his chores. Terry Crews is a sick, crazy man, in a good way. He is very funny to me because I laughed all through the commercials.

  • John Doe

    A little of both, but mostly creepy!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mina

    As I was watching football last weekend, I was actually GROSSED out by this commercial. After viewing the entire commercial ONLY ONCE, whenever it came on, I would either turn the channel or press the mute button. I’ve always thought the Old Spice ads to be funny, silly, and entertaining. This latest attempt, however was just FREAKY ODD!!

  • Jason

    This song is so annoying. I hate it and the commercial is just weird and disgusting.

  • http://www.promodrone.com/ Lee Davis

    If I was the girlfriend, Mom’d get the Heisman face-grab yank-back (lol!). I feel bad for all these creepy moms, but hope their sons have enough testicular fortitude to marry someone the EXACT opposite. The creepiest part of the whole thing, for me, is the shot of the mom with the fake rubber janitor on her back – “Mom?! GET-A-LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!”, I wanna say to these creepoids (lol!).

  • JaiGuru

    There’s nothing hilarious about this. And what a ridiculous move the company has made trying to court young people this way. Because people under 25 are just desperate to smell like their grandfathers.

  • annoyed