Oksana Baiul Says She Was Taken Advantage Of

    November 21, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Oksana Baiul says she’s owed at least $1 million by former agents, who took advantage of the fact that she didn’t understand the terms of her contract at age 16 because of a language barrier.

Ukraine-born Baiul is now suing the William Morris Endeavor Agency over the matter, claiming she’s owed money for several projects, including a jewelry line and two books. She also alleges that portions of her pay went to people she doesn’t even know, and says the agency used language in the contracts that was difficult for her to comprehend.

Baiul discovered the discrepancy when she hired a new finance manager last year, who launched an investigation into her earnings.

The 35-year old came from rocky beginnings in Ukraine, raised by her mother and then orphaned as a teen when she died of cancer. She eventually found a home with a renowned figure-skating coach and made her way to the U.S., where she dominated in the sport and took home a gold medal in the 1994 Olympics.

  • http://None Lynn93940

    I think she’s a very smart cookie who’s trying to get something for nothing. She did it with Mel and got away with it. It worked once; she’s trying it again…

    • B

      Wrong Oksana Lynn. Mel’s Oksana was Oksana Grigorieva (sp?).

    • Diva M.

      You are accusing the wrong girl! This figure skater has/had nothing to do with Mel Gibson. I wish her well, as it sounds like she was taken advantage of due to her vulnerability, etc.

    • Jdl00

      Lynn you got the wrong Oksana this article is about the figure skater. By the way dml has serious problems. How do you know Baiul is a drunk when the agency that stole from her was in charge of managing her public image. It’s to their favor to portray her as a drunk. She’s never been involved in any other dwi so because she was drunk one night doesn’t mean she was an alcoholic. Drunks can’t quit & go straight for years on a dime. Connecticut law sends anyone who is caught driving drunk to alcohol education. How stupid can you get? What a hater. Think before you attack.

  • DML

    Mel Gibson??Clueless fool to say the least…By the way Baiul is a well known drunk(Fact) so her accusations hold no water(Vodka)Truth.

    • EatMyA$$

      LOL Oh PLEASE! Oksana’s been SOBER for over a DECADE! STFU! Ignorant C*NT!

  • JJ truth

    Many Americans are an inferior breed this is evident by the many bitter comments made and the lack of reading comprehension rendering many incapable of understanding. Ms. Baiul’s case doesn’t depend on your opinions but rather the law. Something was stolen from her and she was made to work w/o compensation. I guess those who are too busy denigrating this lady have never worked a day in their lives but are likely parasites on the public dole. Housewives too are a kind of parasite. Anyhow not one of you would be able to wrangle or match wits with these fast talking Hollywood hucksters in the form of agents & lawyers. You couldn’t do it as adults and certainly not as 16 year olds stripped of all parental help & left on their own. Even more sickening are these broken down females taking a rip at Ms. Baiul judging her in detail as if they know her personally—but they don’t know jack doo. These low-lifes don’t know that whatever articles they quote from were planted by these very agents that Baiul is suing. They just want to kick somebody whose more woman & more extraordinary than they can ever hope to be. When’s the last time these magpies & skanks ever fought their way out of anything. Much less going from rags to riches in a hostile environment. The most important thing is Ms. Baiul doesn’t need public approval to recover what was stolen from her or to right the wrong that was done to her. All she needs is her day in court. What a bunch of bitter trolls what losers!