Oklahoma Shooting: Teens Killed “For the Fun of it”

    August 21, 2013
    Lindsay McCane
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Three teenagers have been charged in the murder of 22-year-old Christopher Lane.

Lane, an Australian native, was attending college on a baseball scholarship at the East Central University. He was visiting his girlfriend in Duncan, Oklahoma, when he decided to go for a jog. Little did he know that he was about to be the victim of a “senseless” murder.

Danny Ford, chief of Duncan Police Department, told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation: “He apparently was jogging. He went by a residence where these three boys were, they picked him as a target, they went out and got in a vehicle and followed him. Came up from behind and basically shot him in the back with a small caliber weapon, then sped away.”

Prosecutor Jason Hicks called the boys as “thugs” as he described what happened that day saying, Luna was sitting in the back seat of the car when he pulled the trigger on a .22 caliber revolver and shot Lane once in the back. He said that Jones was driving the vehicle and Edwards was riding along in the passenger seat.


16-year-old, Chancey Allen Luna, and 15-year-old, James Francis Edwards Jr., are being charged as adults with first-degree murder. They are both currently being held without bond. The third teenager, Michael Jones is being charged with accessory as he is the one who was allegedly driving the vehicle. His bond was set at $1 million.


It is reported that Edwards has had previous encounters with the law. “I believe this man is a threat to the community and should not be let out,” Hicks said while requesting no bond for Edwards. “He thinks it’s all a joke.” Police believe that Lane was randomly chosen by the three boys who told police that they shot and killed Lane for “the fun of it” and because they were bored.

Lane’s father can not understand what would make these boys do something like this. He says his son’s death was pointless. “There’s not going to be any good come out of this because it was just so senseless,” he told reporters in Melbourne. “There wasn’t anything he did or could have done. He was an athlete going for a jog like he would do five or six days a week in terms of his training schedule. He was just a kid on the cusp of making his life. To try and understand it is a short way to insanity.”

  • Reality

    Our kids aren’t kids anymore. Anyone he thinks so are nuts. They know what they are doing and should be held responsible for their actions. I am not only talking about boys. I am also talking about girls.

    Teenagers in the year 2013 are not like they were in the 1940s and 1950s.

  • Florence

    Unfortunately, many of these teenagers are being brought up by totally dysfunctional parents who cannot even be civilized themselves. Drugs, addictions, lack of education, just plain stupidity. None of this excuses their children though. There are simply some ‘children’ that are ruined and cannot function in society. No amount of counseling is going to help them. This situation is an example of uncivilized children. Don’t know what kind of upbringing, possibly an excellent one, but the kids need to be put away and never walk the streets again.

  • Lola Laslo

    Time to fire up Ol’ Sparky. Then let it run at half power a few times before finishing these thugs off.

  • D Cole


  • Toto

    So you know, this is the typical crime in Latin America, Cuba, Puerto Rico. Many kids of that age over there act like this. That’s the tip of the iceberg right there, murder, but throwing rocks to a bus or car full of people and beating up an old man for the fun of it is the normal over there.