Oklahoma Execution Carried Out as Supreme Court Remains Silent

    August 15, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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The execution of an Oklahoma death row inmate took place as planned at 6:00 pm on Tuesday. According to an Associated Press (AP) report, the inmate, Michael Hooper, had tried to escape his death sentence by challenging Oklahoma’s lethal injection process. On Tuesday the U.S. Supreme Court rejected Hooper’s request for a stay of execution. Hooper’s is the fourth execution to take place in Oklahoma in 2012.

Hooper was sentenced to death for killing his former girlfriend, Cynthia Lynn Jarman, and her two children, 5-year-old Tonya and 3-year-old Timmy, in December of 1993. According to the AP, Hooper shot each victim twice in the head and buried their bodies in a shallow grave on the outskirts of Oklahoma City.

According to the Oklahoma Department of Corrections website, the state switched to executing prisoners using a specific kind of lethal injection when Oklahoma’s method of old method of execution was ruled unconstitutional in 1972. The state has executed 176 men and three women since 1915. 82 of those executions were by electrocition, 96 were by lethal injection, and one federal prisoner was hanged.

(image)Oklahoma’s lethal injection method utilizes three executioners, each of whom administer one specific drug through intravenous lines in both of the prisoner’s arms. The first drug used is sodium thiopental or pentobarbital, which causes unconsciousness. The second is vecuronium bromide, which stops respiration. The third, potassium chloride, stops the prisoner’s heart.

Hooper’s family and the family of his victims watched the execution from behind windows in a viewing room adjacent to the execution chamber. The AP recounts that Hooper’s last words, spoken to family members, were, “I love you all.”

(Photos courtesy the Oklahoma Department of Corrections)

  • BW

    Good riddance. God loves him. We don’t.

  • Mark Owens

    This judicial system took 19 years to complete this.Take it back
    200 years, tried today, a hanging by high noon.

    • Doug

      AMEN !

  • Mary J Colbert

    Why is this big news? Every single inmate executed in the past 5 years or so has filed the same objection. Lethal injection has never been found to be unconstitutional.
    The guy killed a woman and her two young children. How constitutional was that?

  • Russ Varner

    An eye for an eye and the world goes blind. The death penalty is murder. You are told when you will die, how you will die, and why you will die. That sounds premeditated to me.

    • Mike

      I get what you’re saying, but this was 3 to 1. So it doesn’t work here.

      • jess

        Mabye we should house murders with you then, you can support them with YOUR money.

      • H.Davis

        He murdered two LITTLE CHILDREN 3 and 5 [apostle Paul says “those who do such things are WORTHY of death” NT )for Gods sake and their mother and buried them not even affording them a decent burial!!!
        Their lives are over not having a chance to even reach adulthood.Lets NOT IGNORE what he DID to DESERVE our highest penality.As it says in Genesis 9 “Whoever murders a person by people [or the gov.]shall they be killed or executed. ” (Hebrew language translation)

        Is the state permitted to take life and to incarcerate? Yes.Any peace Officer can ‘kill or execute’ someone as it were ‘under certain circumstances.’
        We citizens can’t lock up a person ONLY the state is authorized to do that as well as to kill under certain conditions and that scum met those conditions to the max. “Man reaps WHAT he sows or creates” it says. Apostle Paul wrote, “The gov.does not bear or use the the sword [i.e.capitol punishment] in vain or for no reason.” He said gov.is to be a “terror to the evil doers.” (Translated from Greek-the English Bible is plain enough though!)
        See Romans 13 in New Testament

    • Justice

      This guy killed his girlfriend and two children have you lost your mind? If you take another life then yours will be taken… This world would be a lot better off if we stood by that!

    • michael hofmaier

      And abortion is not murder? Can’t have it both ways my friend.

      • MadCityObserver

        Your “both ways” logic is bunk. In a country of laws it is law that establishes what is murder and what is not murder. Abortion isn’t murder because there are laws that permit it. Got it? So take all your holy books of fairy tales and go tell it to your sky daddy.

    • stephanie

      Maybe he should have been shot in the head twice like he did his victims. Bullets are cheaper.

    • Frank Allen

      It is. They have a homicide for a convict’s death and it is written out

  • Melanie

    Why do they need three people to inject each drug?

  • Joshua

    They use three people so that no one person is responsible for the prisoner’s death.

    • Jim Thompson

      Wrong, Joshua…that’s for a firing squad. They use three people, to administer three different drugs.

  • Gregg

    An eye for an eye. Maybe he should have thought about the punishment before he killed 3 people? Let me guess, it’s society’s fault he was like that? No, you are responsible for your own actions. We are civilized human beings, or most of us are. He’s lucky he got to live as long as he did before he was properly punished.

  • William Taylor

    It took tem (10) years to long

    • CatrionaJean

      I agree, William. It should not have taken that long to execute him. Too many people have been on death row for years. If they are on death row, get it over with instead of taking our tax money to keep them alive.

      • David Allan Coe

        Depending on the State and I believe that more should enforce this form of punishment, the appeals process can take years upon years, sometimes well over 20. Some states, if not all, have an automatic appeal process whether the inmate wants it or not. There was an inmate in Texas that fought his appeals and wanted to be executed for the horrific crimes that he had committed. From the date of sentencing to his actual execution was 8 months. 8 months!!! The whole appeal process needs a serious overhaul.

  • Dave Taylor

    What is your solution to Murder be it 1 or more, What I find wrong with the system is why has it taken 19years of tax payers money before he was put down. Why do they not have to work and earn their keep. The only sufferers today seem to be the victims and their families, dont understand it.

    • jb9494

      I agree–it was proven beyond a doubt he killed these people and yet our taxes had to pay for almost 20 more years of his rotten life. His victims never got 20 more minutes. When are we going to start following the law–he killed, it was proven, he was sentenced–do it. Our prisons are so overfilled with people waiting on death row–we are out of work, losing our homes but we are keeping murderers alive for 20-30 years. Enough already!

    • Randy

      I agree with you! I read an article one time that stated it takes 4 times the amount to sentence someone to death by execution, rather than house them in our prison systems for a lifetime. This is due to cost of appeal after appeal(somebody has to pay for it). Now, if we would sentence them to death and carry it out the same day…..I’m all for it!! I think we would see a considerable difference not only in prison population, but actual crimes committed. Think about it!!

    • Frank Allen

      Dave read in the old testament Leviticus and Numbers and find out how the Mosaic law was give and applied by God.

  • johnoakman

    Good –one less lard a s s in prisom that we have to feed.

  • http://OKExecution Jway

    I agree with Michael. Abortion isn’t murder, but at the same time, a pregnant woman who is killed it is classified as double homicide. Hmmm? Doesn’t make sense.

    • Patrick McCarthy

      Ok. But isn’t abortion taking an innocent life? Isn’t a baby in a womb an innocent life? Is it right to take an innocent life? Either way, the baby has to come out, so why not adoption? God is pro-life.

    • MadCityObserver

      Where does it say that everything in life has to make sense? Does it make sense that some live to be 100 and others are still born? Does it make sense that last January a certain candidate for president was derided as the king of flip-floppers and soon his party will anoint him as their standard bearer? But back to the topic: yes, it does make sense that abortion is permitted and yet the unlawful killing of a pregnant woman is a double homicide. I’d gladly clarify it for you, but this isn’t the forum.

  • http://Webpronews Jway

    I agree with Michael. Abortion isn’t murder, but a pregant woman who is killed is ruled as double homicide. I don’t understand.

  • ralph

    Come to your senses Russ. If a man kills another man, he is supposeed to die the death. That’s the law. The law was made for the lawless; for murderers and other law breakers. An eye for an eye, that’s the law. Human beings were created to be in God’s image, therefore, one cannot kill God’s immage and live.

  • Jen

    This guy KILLED his girlfriend and her two babies…really? People are actually feeling sorry for this @sshole that got to live another 19 years…19 YEARS PEOPLE! The kids would be 22 and 24 now. Feel sorry for the kids who never got to grow up because this guy felt the need to end their life. And for their mother who never got to watch them grow up… Seriously? We are going to feel bad that this guy, this animal that was executed and will no longer be living with free room and board on the tax payers dollars. Right.

  • Jeff Smith

    Finally,justice has been served! Anyone who kills a young woman or a little girl should be dragged out of their cell in the middle of the night, and go through such excruciating pain, that he will be begging for them to kill him!!

    Jeff Smith

  • http://webpronews.com Carol D

    On April 9, 2009, my boyfriend tried killing me by running over me in the road with his SUV. At the last second, his Mother saved my life and pulled me out of the way. He got “6 days” at the LA County Jail where each day counts as 5. At least this bastard got what he deserved.

  • Joe Marine

    Clapping my hands together, bravo, bravo… Should have popped a cap in him when they caught him in the first place. Save some money…

  • R


    • Russell Smith

      barberic,what about his wife and two children,who will never have children of there own or live a full life.who do you think payed for him the last 19 years

    • Bill

      Yes ” R ” it was Barbaric for him to murder a woman and young children .. thats what you are talking about right ?

  • http://yahoo gary

    best news i read on here at for a long time need to get another 5000 put to death on death row

  • Barry

    Oklahoma is OK. Can we send everybody to Oklahoma?

  • About time

    Good deal only thing I wouldnt have waited 19 years to kill his ass.Same thing they did with Roger Dale Stafford,why wait so long when they have it coming.

  • http://yahoo.com don

    shouldn’t this ass hat been killed 3 times ?

  • Eroq

    Execution in any form is an extreme example of mercy bestowed on a prisoner. This allows the convict get lucid on his eternal destination and to get right with God and avoid eternal wrath that is far more potent of punishment than mere earthly execution. He was blessed

  • Barb

    19 years of tax payers money giving this person free room and board…what is the excuse for this?

    • Joel

      It’s worse in Oregon they get three meals a day and the best medical and dental care a roof over there head hot and cold running water all paid by us tax payers of Oregon. Job security for guards, police, judges, court workers-staff it goes on and on.

  • wstgo

    Oklahoma State motto “Kill someone here and we will kill you back”

  • http://yahoo bill

    20 years ago my eldest daughter was shot in the back and killed by her husband. he got a 5000.00 dollar fine and three years in county jail plus 20 years in state prison, he served 5 years total and I have no idea how got the fine probably him

  • donna

    its about time we feed him, took care of him now let hell take care of him

  • Tom

    Why in hell does it take 20 years to execute someone??? Besides f—in’ lawyers

  • j-cor

    rot in hell you sorry bastard

  • Patrick McCarthy

    As if what he did wasn’t bad enough, the victim’s family may not enjoy Christmas again because he killed them in December. Jesus believes in the death penalty. That’s what He went thru on my behalf. Forgiveness is God’s business. Justice is the state’s. This killer should have thought about his family. Heartbreaking.

  • danielsinn

    what a pathetic piece of trash this guy, hope his deathrip was a terrifying nightmare like he was and wish i could have danced around in front of him laughing the whole time during his execution. F U DUDE!!!

  • Shanelle

    Noone has the right to take another person’s life away. Noone is given that type of power.

    • Mauryne Simoens

      Would you feel that way if it was your daughter and her children were killed? I think not. Many prisoners are given too much freedom and too many “benefits” (like free college, etc.). They should have executed this beast.

  • ken

    too bad clown i hope the dumb ass in the batman party gets the same thing

    • http://tahoo fred parham

      they did the right thing by killing the creep.

  • Dennis

    hope he shit his pants when they said let’s go buddy now you have to pay for what you did… And Shanellyou are a dumb ass for thinking we should pay to keep a creep like this alive…..

  • deano

    NEXT. we dont need liberals trying to stop more executions with baseless arguments. the drugs are given in amounts 50x as necessary. its overkill, but the radical anti-dp creeps still wont give it a rest.

  • keith shell

    I fell that if the law reverses some of their laws in today,s socitity a lot of people would change their thoughts of killing others before they are commited. Meaning an eye for an eye.If you take a life then the law should take yours,no questions asked.

  • http://beaandlavernewentworth@yaho.com laverne b. wentworth

    Death by man: JUDGEMENT BY GOD