OK, Not All Customers So Satisfied with Apple

Lawsuit filed over the iPhone 3G

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Customer satisfaction has proven to be one of Apple’s strong points, as indicated by the American customer satisfaction Index (ACSI) this week. Unfortunately, there are still some customers who are far less than satisfied by the company.

An Alabama woman named Jessica Smith is one of those customers, and she intends to bring many more of them out into the light with her, by filing a class-action lawsuit against Apple.

The suit involves the iPhone 3G, and a 10-page document lists her complaints with the phone and its service. Complaints maintain that the phone finds a connection with AT&T’s 3G network less than a fourth of the time, the number of dropped calls is unusually high, and the service runs slowly. This is despite the fact that her hometown of Birmingham supposedly has great 3G coverage and Apple’s ads tout the device as "twice as fast for half the price." 

Apple iPhone 3G

Apple did release an update on Tuesday, addressing connection issues, although according to Marin Perez of InformationWeek, the problems haven’t all been fixed. Many people are still finding issues, and might just be interested in that class action suit.

Technology enthusiasts are happy to just sit back and watch. "If nothing else, we might learn from the suit where exactly the phone’s problems lie, and that might be worth the ride, even if it takes a long time to get there," writes Matt Buchanan at Gizmodo.

However, the average consumer, who, like Smith, rushed out to buy the phone, probably does not have such a nonchalant attitude. If more people come forward, Apple might have a hefty fee to pay. The negative publicity for the phone is not going to be too great for sales either.

OK, Not All Customers So Satisfied with Apple
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  • http://www.thomasmoffett.com Ben Moffett

    Well I hope people will not only NOT Come out against Apple, but will stand up for them. My Service is great. My phone works great. What is it with people this century that feel that every time they get a hickup in anything technology related that they should try to sue the pants off of the company that created it. Work with them not against them. Sure go ahead keep it up and Technology companies will stop innovating and take your service and phone back to the stone ages. Do you really want to talk on a pay phone again. If you don’t like it, get a refund and go get your self a Verizon Phone and surf the internet on a 1.5" screen.

    Every company is going to have some problems in some areas. This is not a global problem. Don’t jump on the band wagon with this person and try to take down a company that is trying its hardest to produce you a product that is better than anything out there currently.

    There are problems, I’m not denying that, but they are not all Apples fault. The issues are primarily with AT&T. But Don’t sue them either. It’s getting better and everyday they are working to try and resolve these issues.

    I have been a long time fan of Apple products and they have never dissapointed me. Sure I’ve had issues, no one is exempt from having issues but I don’t go and try to sue them. I get my problem fixed and wait for the updates. I’ve always had less issues from apple than any other company that I have purchased from. God, what if Microsoft controlled the cell phone market. We couldn’t even keep the darn phones from crashing everday much less a dropped call every now and then.

    Thats my rant and I’m sticking to It


    • http://www.raceclubbodyshop.com Race Club Body Shop

      I think its good for Apple.  It will keep then on their toes and make sure the phone operates like it should.  The alternative is how other companys just let the people scream or how Microsoft get market share and gets lazy.

      Me personaly? I am counting the days to my new phone, plus I think the one I get will be de bugged….

    • Guest

      Why, why, would you possibly want to stand up for any corporation? They exist to make money for their shareholders. Period. They sell products in exchange for your money. Your perceived loyalty to a corporate behemoth makes you sound like an ignorant sheep. You know what the difference is between MS and Apple? None. They both want your money. They both sell unfinished products, full of bugs.

      The fact of the matter is that the iPhone 3G has serious unresolved and unacknowledged issues with 3G reception. It functions like a phone from 1995. I have one. I know.

      There is a large gap between the advertised 3G coverage and reality. I disable 3G and use Edge exclusively if I want a call to not get dropped. Other att 3G phones do not suffer the same issues. Some much for "it’s the network".

      If Sony sold you a TV that worked half the time, would you "stand up" for Sony just because they made great products in the past? It’s called the iPhone 3G, it had better work at least some of the time on 3G phone networks.

      They need to fess up and acknowledge the issue and provide a firmware update to fix it, or have customers file class action lawsuits.


  • http://sportfishingasia.com Guest

    Of course not all customers are satisfied.  It is almost impossible to satisfy every one of millions of customers.

    We all know that Apple product quality is light years ahead of Microsoft but Microsoft fans make excuses for Microsoft while Apple fans are so used to almost perfect products they get upset at the slightest imperfection.  At the same time the Microsoft fans (and those who make money helping people solve MS problems and therefore love MS) will jump on any opportunity to try to put Apple down.

    As others have said, the problem here is not the iPhone anyway, it is AT&T.

    I guess in America where you can sue Mcdonalds and get US$4 million because the the hot coffee you ordered was hot anything is possible.  The bandwidth I get is only a fraction of what I pay for so maybe I should try suing Apple computer because my Mac does not download as fast as it should.

  • http://shiftinteractive.net Web Design Sydney

    I recently signed up for an iPhone, and have been having some serious reception issues with my phone.  I’ve been an Apple user for over 15 years, and have always been happy with Apple products.  This connection issue is a major mistake as far as I’m concerned.  Apple may find that they lose some credibility over this issue unless they handle it very well…

    According to a report from one of the folks over at Slashdot, Infineon Chipset May Be Cause of IPhone 3G Issues, claiming that the chipset used in the new 3G iPhones are immature, and haven’t been tested in the market.


  • http://baliorganizer.com Bali Wedding

    Even i don’t have any Apple’s product yet, but i believe that they have good quality on every their product, i’m also believe what you paid is what you got

  • Guest

    I’ve had the new iPhone 3G since its release here in the UK July 11th and having played with it (and I do mean play) continuously since, I can report no connectivity/data transfer issues whatsoever.  We are tied into one supplier here in the UK – O2 (a subsidary of British Telecom) and the phone has performed amazingly well.  I have a fair 3G signal at home, but the phone readily picks up my wi-fi whenever the PC/modem is on.  It only very occasionally drops down the EDGE (which is slow) but I’ve never lost a call and can watch video streams (from the web/YouTube) even on a 3G one bar signal strength.

  • http://car2be.com/ used audi s4

    I think its good for Apple. It will keep then on their toes and make sure the phone operates like it should. The alternative is how other companys just let the people scream or how Microsoft get market share and gets lazy.

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