OJ Simpson Allegedly Confesses to Nicole Brown Murder


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The year of 1995 became quite a fortunate year for O.J. Simpson, as he was acquitted of double murder charges for the brutal killings of Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman. The victims were found slashed to death outside Nicole's condo in Los Angeles, CA.

The O.J. Simpson murder trial became the most publicized case in US history, aptly called "Trial of the Century". It was the longest trial ever held in California, at a daunting nine months, and costing over $20 million to fight and defend.

When the verdict was delivered, it is said that 91% of the television viewing audience watched it and an unbelievable 142 million people listened on radio to hear the verdict delivered on October 3, 1995.

The biggest percentage of the population believed him guilty. However, he was set free and walked away.

Now OJ is in prison presently, on 12 charges, including armed robbery and kidnapping. Simpson is due for parole in another four years, but because of the news he received recently about the state of his health, he has requested clemency from the president.

The Inquisitr reported that O.J. Simpson has recently been diagnosed with a tumor on his brain which, according to numerous reports, is in fact an advanced form of brain cancer.

In a personal letter to President Obama, pleading for clemency asking that the president show mercy on him due to his deteriorating health, He wrote:

"Mr. President, I know my life is coming to an end. Please, don’t let me die in prison. I feel the end coming. But I don’t want to die in prison like common jailhouse scum."

Celebritylaundry.com reported that in early January, because of deteriorating health and in a state of depression, Simpson had lost hope and allowed his health to deteriorate further.

According to sources, because of the news of the brain cancer and with just three months to live, is allegedly when the shocking confession came. Apparently inmates repeatedly asked Simpson if he’d murdered Nicole Brown to the point where he admitted that he had.

O.J. Simpson even went a step further and said that he would do it again in a heartbeat if he were faced with the same situation. The witnesses say that since he believes he is a ‘dead man walking’ he doesn’t care what people think anymore.

Unfortunately this is all speculation and there has been no official confession made. Just wait - if he's turned down for clemency to "die at home" as he has requested ... we might just learn more.

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