Ohio School District Forced to Evict Jesus, Pay $95K

    October 7, 2013
    Lacy Langley
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The Jackson City School District in Jackson, Ohio, reached a deal on Friday after the ACLU, along with the Freedom from Religion Foundation, sued the district in February, citing “unconstitutional” actions and charging that students and visitors to the school and subjected to…a picture of Jesus hanging on the wall… “will continue to suffer permanent, severe and irreparable harm and injury,” according to the lawsuit.

According to Fox News, the district faced pressure from the American Civil Liberties Union, so they decided to pay the $95,000 in fines to the ACLU and Freedom From Religion Foundation for damages and legal fees, because the school eventually agreed that it was better to pay the settlement rather than spend taxpayer dollars on fighting the lawsuit, said Phil Howard, the district’s superintendent.

“All of this was unnecessary. The law is pretty clear … the display of this particular kind of religious artifact, in a public school, is unconstitutional.” He added, “The case could have ended before it began if the school had simply acknowledged that it is not the government’s place to endorse one specific religion in a public school that children are legally required to attend,” said James Hardiman, the legal director for Ohio’s ACLU chapter.

Superintendent Phil Howard said in a statement that the district’s attorneys believed settling was the “best case scenario” at this point because legal fees were “mounting by the day.”

According to ABC, The picture had been hanging in Jackson, Ohio high school since 1947 in their “Hall of Honor” display, which is meant to highlight famous historical figures. The two sides had a pseudo-agreement months ago that bogged down in more legal filings after the two groups said the school district continued to keep the Jesus portrait.

They also had the nerve to display it on the school lawn during a prayer meeting. Court filings show the portrait was also visible to those entering a storage area.

What do you think? Is this serious rights-infringement or simply someone making a big deal and over-reacting over a portrait? Would this have happened over other religious figures?

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  • Hmm

    This America is what it has come to. The government is shut down, we are all being spied on, we have been fighting 12 years of useless wars that will really never end, and the powers to be want to remove Jesus from our schools. Evil has truly come to our land.

    Let’s look at a very interesting sentence. “…will continue to suffer permanent, severe and irreparable harm and injury…” Now, who would actually suffer harm from a picture of Christ? Ladies and gentlemen…. the only people who suffer from a picture of Christ are Satan and those that follow him.

    Don’t lose heart though. I have been to some of the worst places on this planet. Places I could have easily died. I prayed and trusted in Christ and I came out of those places without a scratch. I can assure you it was nothing that I did that saved me either. Trust in Christ and pray. No matter what happens – I assure you you will be okay.

    • Patti

      I absolutely agree. I attribute my getting through several danger zones and this crazy life to my faith in Christ and have been saddened each consecutive year that I see more bigoted exclusion of Him in the name of “freedom”…what about the secular agendas that are being shoved down my throat and, if my kids were attending that school,what about the pain of seeing their Hero’s portrait being taken down because Johnny is an atheist? Billy Graham is right, we’ve departed from everything this nation was formed on and about, and now are paying the price. So sad.

      • ultprinefan

        Ur opinion is the only one that counts or matters? Look up the meaning of bigoted.