Offshore CAD Outsourcing

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Outsourcing of a service occurs when a client buys a service from a service provider, rather than source it from inside the client’s own organisation.

The primary reason for you to consider offshore CAD outsourcing is economic benefit. The data says this benefit is more or less a sure thing. For instance:

“Offshore business process outsourcing (BPO) is expected to reach $3 billion in 2004, a 65 percent increase from 2003 total of $1.3 billion.” — Gartner Inc, Stamford, CT

“Offshore outsourcing is growing 20%-25% per annum, with little evidence of slowing. Indeed, while most enterprises experience initial resistance, most technical issues are readily resolved and geopolitical risk is deemed insignificant after careful evaluation.” — Meta Group, Stamford, CT The flood of companies outsourcing CAD offshore can be likened to the migration of the wildebeests. They’re doing it to survive. Don’t be a solitary wildebeest watching stupefied as the others move to lush pastures. Move that tail NOW!

Move it confidently because there is significantly less risk in outsourcing CAD offshore than there is in outsourcing IT development or IT services offshore. My comments on the risks:

Data Security: A major worry for IT clients, since data security measures are often porous in developing countries (to whom much work is outsourced). However, generally speaking, CAD information is less sensitive than credit card databases, employee payroll information, prison muster rolls or a bank’s accounting ledgers. Insource highly sensitive CAD; if warranted, fragment what you outsource and farm the pieces out to different service providers (aka outsourcers’).

Cultural Differences: Read this as accents, comprehension of idioms, voice intonations and knowledge of your culture. This issue is of special concern to clients that outsource telephone help desks or other voice services offshore, since the service provider speaks to the client’s customers. Fortunately, CAD drawings haven’t started talking yet; you only have to bother about whether you and your service provider’s key personnel can understand each another.

Effect on In-House Morale: Outsourcing anywhere will erode trust between you and your workforce. It will also be hard for you to let go of employees who have become good friends. I suggest training them to perform other functions; if not, provide them with comprehensive outplacement services.

Service Provider Reliability: Unlike the factors mentioned above, this one does pose a significant risk. Occasionally an offshore service provider can completely disappear or fall silent; possible reasons are bankruptcy, mass departure of personnel or loss of confidence in completing the task.

The good news is that the risk can be reduced to insignificance by careful selection of the service provider.

Your Management Capability: Outsourcing offshore will not work if it is not carefully managed by the client. Not getting this right is one of the major reasons that a lesser portion of all offshore outsourcing programs fail. An expert opinion on this: “This may sound obvious, but probably the biggest stumbling block to offshore outsourcing is that after all the contracts have been signed, companies abdicate responsibility for projects to the outsourcer…’ — Deepak Khandelwal, McKinsey, Worldwide (Minimizing each of the last two risks entails a large volume of information and will be the subject of future articles).

To conclude, there is manageable risk in outsourcing CAD offshore; you should go ahead and make outsourcing CAD one of your objectives. But don’t do anything until you have carefully planned how to handle the last two risk factors, for which I will provide comprehensive information… SOON!

Lakshman Balaraman, MS (University of Michigan), B Tech
(IIT), runs an architectural and engineering design firm,
The Magnum Group,
that provides CAD drafting services to the global

Offshore CAD Outsourcing
About Lakshman Balaraman
Lakshman Balaraman, MS (University of Michigan), B Tech (IIT), runs an architectural and engineering design firm, The Magnum Group, (http://themagnumgroup.net/cad_drafting_services.htm),India, that provides CAD drafting services to the global marketplace. WebProNews Writer
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  • jayakumar


           I am having a small conccern in my home town. Which deals with training of autocad for engineering students and as well as  students who are interested in that field fgor thepast three years. Now iam interrested in doing projects in Autocad as a orgainaisation.

             My concern is equipped with 15 computers and 15 persons to work with.

       please send me any details regarding cad projects.

    thanking you sir

  • B.arunkumar


             we are doing cad outsource for the last three years. we equiped with 10 system & 10 person . we reqiure some cad projects.

    • Elsworth Phillip

      email me some examples and how much you service cost.

      • sharan

        Auto cad – $5 per hour—dependent up on density


      • Yogesh

        Dear sir,

        Please find the attachment……….

         we are at present working on this UK based client, and giving a production of 100 / 120 per day, with 100% Quality, please let me know is any other projects like this.

        My contact number : 09480283571, 0821-4268629

        Thnanks & Regards


  • sharan

    I am sharan kumar from India. I have good experience (3 years) in product development projects. U have any product development, 2D-3D conversation and reveres engineering projects. I will provide good quality and better service with fewer costs to u. If u have any project requirement free to call above mentioned mobile no.


  • mahesh

    i work on cad since last seven years and have setup of 5 computers with 5 persons . and looking for cad drfting work of mechanical parts and civil structure and architechtural plan.
    if you have required above services please contact on mobile no.-+91-9929820917 and email id-mahesh1246@yahoo.co.in
    i have mechanical diploma background and civil infrastructure and architechtural work experiance

  • Yogesh


    Dear Sir / Madam

              I am Yogesh.C working as process developer in MNC, mysore from last 2 years, on Auto cad Projecart ( Architectural ) As team Incharge, and now opned a concern and working with 25  persons on another project, and planning to develop it more, please send any details regarding the cad projects.

    My contact number is 09480283571, 0821-4268629.

    Thanking you…

  • Yogesh

    Dear  Sir / Madam

    I am yogesh from mysore, karnataka,

            Please see the below drawings we use to work for and UK based client, we are giving 100% Quality and Produntion on date, we are working with an 25 member in our team, and we have increased to 45 now, and looking for an another project,  please see the below drawing,

    My contact number is 09480283571, 0821-4268629.  I will be available on mobile 24/7…….

    Thanking you…



  • Prabhu

    Dear Sir/Mam,

         I am Prabhu. I have completed my Bachelor of Engineering in MECHANICAL  with Distinction. I have about 4+ years of Experience in the Design Field. All Four  Years of experince is in Pro E, Inventor, Solid works etc.,

       My experience is in Gear & Gear box manufacturing industry , CAD Engineering Service and  Earth Mover manufacturing MNC. I have carried out couple of design projects for OFF HIGHWAY EQUPMENT manufacturing. I am verygood in GD & T and capable of making any kind of complex models in Sheetmetal and Casting Components as well as drawings with high quality.

      At Present I, myself along with four of my friends have joined and started doing offshore projects from industry in our Locality. We are very much interested in extending our network in a wide range. We have also planned to increase the size of the TEAM to 25 to serve for more companies.

      We are here working for Projects that are done in PRO-E, SOLID WORKS , INVENTOR & AUTOCAD. We are maintaing a quality check sheet as per the requirements of the client industries to provide a best quality output.

    We are following a systematic process from the start till the delivery of our Projects.

     We usually do pilot projects (50 to 75 HRS)  initially for free of cost , so that the client can rate us in performance and provide projects in future accordingly.

    If you wish to contact us for the projects Please note down my  Details mentioned below. Expecting eagerly your response for our growth.

    MOB: +91-9894581202

    email: jk.prabhu@gmail.com

  • http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dgqpq7w2_8c26m89d8 Guest

    Dear Sirs,

    Please view my online C.V. and consider me towards any tipe of colaboration with you company, thank you.

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas,

    Best Regards,

    Zaruq Summers
    +34 622 236 421

  • Daniel Wilde

    Dear All,

    I am currently in the process of starting up a CAD drafting company.

    I am looking for people/compaines who want work that I can send via email for them to complete.

    I look forward to hear from you.

    Daniel Wilde

    • Srinivas


      We are Hyderabad, India based CAD services company. Please mail the details to srinivas_kolluri@yahoo.com for further correspondence.


    • Aadil

      Myself aadil here from Pune (INDIA). Well i am working as a freelancer & provide the services in CAD on Pro/E & SolidWorks. Well looking for your feedback. Please do mail me on adi_cad_me@yahoo.co.in for any further details.

      Thanks & Regards

    • Eduardo Somarriba

      We are a company that is offering all type on knowledge process outsourcing in Nicaragua. We are being contacted by a lot of former offshore outsourcing companies from US because Nicaragua offers quality human resource at minimum cost with a nearshore access. We will be glad to make you an offer for CAD services. If you would like further information about our group we can provide you our corporate video so you can confirm that a financial group is backing up our operations.

      Best regards,


      • Gustavo

        Eduardo cordial saludo.

        Te escribo desde Colombia y me gustar

    • stephane

      am an autocad draughtman since 10 years in the architactural and interior design field
      i need freelance job


      we are a mep cad drafting company loacted in kerala having proven records. We have successfully executed 13 projects from UAE sofar in the field of mep shop drawing preparation like lighting , power , drainage, hvac, water supply, telephone etc. We have Gulf experienced draftsman with us to do this.

      we are insearch of a new mep shop drawing project to take up. please revert me back , if interested.



    • Sylvester A. Johnson

      Mr. Wilde.
      I am looking for the opprotunity to work from home. I have 15 years exprerience in Architectural and Structural drafting and design. I have used Autocad this entire time. I am currently using Autocad 2009. If I sound like someone you could use to help you complete projects, I would be more then happy to send you my resume. I hope to hear from you soon.

      S. Anthony Johnson

    • n.sivakarthigeyan

      DEAR Sir/Madam,

      We are providing cad outsourcing services like:

      paper to cad conversion

      2d to 3d modelling



      sheetmetal designing


      reverse engineering,r&d etc..

      we are using autocad,pro-e,inventor,solid works softwares for the projects.

      if you have more projects or lack of employees please give projects to us.

      we will fulfill ur needs.

      thanking you

      acuitas tekhnologies


      • Hitendra Mistry

        We would like to know if you prepare 3d drawings from 2d drawing.

        Are you working in Revit (creating BIM models)

        ……and yes I am a human visitor :) ….. and I hope I don’t get the math question wrong.

    • Dinesh

      Hi Daniel Wilde,

      I am dinesh with an experience of around two years in cad services. I do cad projects form home. I commit you that projects would be delivered on time with a satisfactory quality.

      Expecting your reply


    • Vinod

      Dear Sir,
      we are in cad. You can visit our site. www.caepro.com. We are doing cad work.

    • Md. Aminur Rahman

      Dear Daniel,

      I’m graduated from Mechanical Engineering (B.Sc. Engg.) and having cad experience more than 7 years. I’m proficient in using AutoCAD, Solid Works and Autodesk Inventor. I may offer you lowest price.

      I look forward to hear from you.


      Md. Aminur Rahman

    • http://preeminent.weebly.com/ Babu

      Dear Mr. Daniel Wilde,

      This is Babu, Managing Director of Preeminent Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. Preeminent is involved in the business of providing Professional consultancy services & to act as consultants within or outside India in various fields including recruitment of manpower & training of personnel etc…
      We are mainly involved in the business of Hotel Industry, Medical Transcription, Structural Steel Detailing & Cad Conversion.

      We provide CAD Outsourcing Services which includes,
      1. We provide CAD Conversion services. We help you turn an existing drawings, prints or even hand-drawn sketch into a format to suit your needs.
      2. We provide complete Structural Steel Detailing services which includes
      a. Advance bill of material.
      b. Anchor Rod Setting Plan.
      c. Shop Fabrication Drawings.
      d. Erection Drawings.
      e. Shop & Field Bolt list. etc…

      We are familiar in 2D software like Autocad and Microstation, 3D software like X-Steel and SDS/2.
      We would be happy to serve all your CAD needs. We are also looking business in Medical Transcription & Legal Transcription services.
      We are looking forward to hear from you.

      Thanks & Regards,

      Preeminent Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.
      B-6/211, 2nd Floor, Laxmi Complex,
      Laxmi Nagar,

    • Robert Crites

      I would like to know more about this.

  • Guest

    Mr. Wilde.
    I am looking for the opprotunity to work from home. I have almost 21 years, +overseas experience (Consulting Firms} from various projects in the Middle East, Far East Asia and Africa in the field of ARCHITECTURE, Petrochemical & Industrial Facilities, Dams, Water Supply, Treatment & Distribution, Pipelines, Pre-Engineered Structural Steel Buildings, etc. Manual & CAD drafting experience in the actual conversion of drawing plans & quality checking. Supervisory experience & deals with people of different nationalities across organizational levels. I have used Autocad this entire time. I am currently using Autocad 2009. If I sound like someone you could use to help you complete projects, I would be more then happy to send you my resume. I hope to hear from you soon.

    Kind Regards
    BC dela Cruz

  • http://www.jvboutsourcing.com Joseph

    We are Architectural Designer specialized in documentation. Our services includes Project Coordination and CAD Documentation of architectural, interior, MEP and Structural Cad drawing packages for Design development, contract drawing documents, Shop drawings as well as construction detailing.

    Contact Info:
    Website :www.jvboutsourcing.com
    Email: info@jvboutsourcing.com
    Mobile. # +639291536337

  • Satyanarayana

    Dear sir,

    Sub: Introduction for providing CAD Services,2D &3D, and Microstation.

    Dear sir,

    We take the pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the leading CAD/CAM/CAE drafting, Detailing, As-made Drawing preparation and 3D modeling Solutions Companies in Visakhapatnam, India.

    We have skilled CAD Engineers who have hands on experience in CAD Drafting of all kinds of Engineering drawings (Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Architectural, Piping, Isometric and Map Conversions) using AutoCAD, Microstation and other CAD packages with dimensional accuracy.

    We also have expertise in doing facility management architectural projects. using Architectural Desktop. We also take up Mechanical design & Drafting and CAD conversion using Solid works, Solid Edge, Autodesk inventor, Catia, Pro-E etc

  • Sandeep Lokhande

    I am interested working in Microstation projects from home or at office.
    I am basically a Mechanicl Draughtsman with 14 years expereince in Oil and gas Piping Design projects.

    Sandeep Lokhande

  • neeraj singh

    Dear Sir,

    VN Associates (India) presents its compliments to your esteemed organization.

    We are one of the providers of Structural design with CAD Conversion services in India with clientele list spread in all over US, UK and Asia.

    Based in India with head office in Capital New Delhi we have a full-fledged Data conversion and processing center. With our working experience with the leading architects and professional Engineering firms in India and overseas, we can offer the most competitive and cost effective solutions for outsourcings your design & drafting needs.

    VNS provides design with help of excel, and design software (STAAD, ETAB, Enercalc, Framing) and in drafting any type of paper, raster and PDF drawing conversions to any industry standard CAD format using AutoCAD. We are also using X-Steel having 07 years experienced persons. We ensure that our clients get the best quality and secured work in much less cost so that our clients would grow in business fast.

    With VNS, you can quickly and significantly expand your structural engineering productivity, and this convenience is offered at very reasonable fees which, combined with high-quality deliverables, translates into high value.

    Working Process

  • S.Ayyappan

    SAMSIV, a 03 year old Company based in Tuticorin, initially to provide CAD services for engineering works. Over the years SAMSIV has diversified its activities into all kinds of Engineering and Design of Mechanical and Civil Engineering projects.

    The following best represents SAMSIV

  • http://www.camfrogyukle.net camfrog

    camfrog thank you lady.

  • Guest

    Dear sir,

    I am doing out sourcing of Autocad drawings. I have 20 compurters and 20 persion for this process, Kindly send the Projects. we are doing fast movement, the delivery of work will be done before date

  • Kalpanamohandoss

    Dear sir, madam

    we are doing outsourcing process in autocad. we are 25 person, we done within few days
    Please contact : 9940415176 / 9940328590

  • Dr.Harish


    we are doing cad outsource for the last five years. we equiped with 10 system & 10 person . we reqiure some cad projects form your side

    Thany You


  • http://f4mail.rediff.com/prism/ m.s.pradeep balaji

    hi ,
    iam m.s.pradeep balaji looking for cad projects . is there any one can help me to get a cad based projects.. my contact no is :9444308669.

  • piyush pathak

    Dear sir/madam
    I am working in drafting fileld for five year in mechanical and structural drafting and want to do work from home.

    So, If you have any project for me, please provide me opportunity for the same.

    Thanks & Regards
    Piyush Pathak
    mob- 09926631428, 09826229948

  • Md. Ali

    Hello sir!
    We are a growing IT and Outsourcing company in Bangladesh.

    Our intention at the moment is to establish a well recognized Outsourcing firm.
    Currently we are only delivering Web content writing service,Article Writing,PR,and other related services.
    We are looking for larger projects to deal with. So, we are eager to get AutoCAD, Graphic Designing,Software Development and other works.
    Our main willingness is to get a form filling project of any reputed company.

    Our prime business focuses on : Printing and Packaging.We provide all kinds of printing and packaging,including corrugated cartons, paper cartons, soap wrappers, soft drinks label,etc.

    In addition ,we are a buying house and are sourcing all kinds of seafood esp shrimps-black tiger and fresh water chaka.

    We also source all types of RMG – Ready Made Garments, and Stock Lots.

    Please contact with us for any kind of service.

    E-mail: ippl04@gmail.com

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