Offline Use Now Part of Everybody’s Gmail

    December 8, 2009
    Chris Crum

Gmail’s offline feature has graduated from Gmail Labs, and is now a full-blown feature of Google’s email service. The feature emerged as a lab experiment nearly a year ago, but it has now been deemed ready for primetime.

"By installing Offline Gmail, you’re able to use the normal Gmail interface to read and write mail, search, and organize, even when there’s no internet connection," explains Gmail software engineer Aaron Whyte. "And Flaky Connection mode speeds up Gmail when your connection is slow or unreliable."

Offline Gmail"Since we first launched in Labs, we’ve heard from a lot of you who tried Offline Gmail, and your feedback helped us make a lot of improvements," adds Whyte.

Google recently added a couple of new features for offline Gmail. These are an option to choose which messages get downloaded for offline use, and the ability to send attachments while offline.

"Offline Gmail has proven particularly useful for business and schools making the switch to Google Apps from traditional desktop mail clients — they’re used to being able to access their mail whether or not they’re online, and Offline Gmail brings this functionality right to the browser," says Whyte.

To utilize the offline feature in Gmail, just turn it on and adjust your offline settings from the "offline" tab in Gmail’s settings.

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