Offline Support Coming For Gmail, Google Calendar

    July 17, 2008

In the days of dialup, accessing the Internet was a nuisance.  Now, not so much.  Still, users of Gmail and Google Calendar should be pleased to hear that the programs may support offline use in about six weeks’ time.

Word of this development comes from Andrew Fogg.  Since Fogg serves as the chief marketing and strategy officer at Kusiri and a senior researcher at RBS, the odds that he’s kidding or incorrect are tiny, and on Twitter, he stated, "Gears on Gmail and Calendar in approximately 6 weeks.  Just had a preview at Google offices."

Google Calendar
 Google Calendar Going Offline

The one problem – aside from potential missed deadlines and all other manner of usual hang-ups – is that Fogg continued, "Not sure if it is Google Enterprise only."

Enterprise is probably as good as anything, though, at least in a long-term sense – it’s almost certain that Google will eventually make the upgrade more accessible.  Also, from a sort of business/financial perspective, any Enterprise upgrade might count more than a consumer-level equivalent, since it’ll allow for whole companies, instead of random and far-flung individuals, to convert.

Now we get to just sit and wait for the release, which, it if happens in exactly six weeks, will occur on Jack Black’s birthday.  A hat tip goes to Ionut Alex Chitu in the meantime.