Official “Gmail Ninja” Guide Offers Time-Saving Tips

    June 23, 2009

Some time ago, an instructional video demonstrating speedy shoe-tying made the rounds.  The idea was that, over the course of a lifetime, saving five or ten seconds a day would make a real difference.  And some new, neatly organized Gmail tips may free up a whole more of your future.

A total of 38 pieces of Gmail-related advice are available for your consumption, and as Google’s Victoria Katsarou explained in an email to WebProNews, "We’ve organized the tips by ninja belts in order to cater to people with all levels of Gmail savvy."

Some of the beginners’ stuff (white belt) is extremely basic – surely you’ve thought to "search your mail instead of sorting."  Then, on the other end of the scale (Gmail master), a suggestion about what to do if you forget to sign out of a public computer seems odd since a real master probably (a) wouldn’t forget and (b) would be using some fancy netbook or smart phone, anyway.

But a lot of the info, like the diagram of keyboard shortcuts seen below, should come in handy.

Gmail Ninja Tip

A printable version of the Gmail ninja guide is available if you feel like keeping all of the tips close at hand.  Google’s also making laminated versions available (free to the first 1,024 people who sign up for one, $1.25 each for anybody who feels like buying one afterward) if you feel like getting something a little more durable.