Official Find Attempts To Cut Through Search Spam

    May 3, 2005

One of the biggest complaints concerning the use of search engines is the amount of erroneous results appearing with normal keyword queries. Because of the explosion of search engine optimization, search results are often crammed full of useless results residing to only increase a company’s SERP position.

Official Find Logo

It’s this mentality that the developers at Official Find focused on when developing their new search engine, which promises to “[cut] through the clutter of irrelevant Search Spam and Commercial Links by clearly marking Official Sites for the most popular brands and sites on the web and displaying them above all other search results.”

By offering a search position called Official Sites, Official Find offers users the ability to find the most official site and/or brand name associated with their keyword search. These results are then featured on the Official Find’s result page in the top section, which is called Official Sites.

For example, when searching Nike, the first page of the results features the Official Sites at the top ( as well as a Nike Store). Next are the sponsored results, which are supplied by Overture/Yahoo. Following these positions are normal, organic search results.

Although, the Official Find natural results seem to feature a lot less clutter. To seed their Official Sites database, the company’s developers do the following:

All Official Sites are compiled and reviewed by our editors. While Official Find does not accept submissions from web sites we do welcome suggestions of sites that may not yet be in our database – or requests for specific sites that you may be having trouble locating.

Our criteria for adding sites are fairly simple. We focus primarily on popular commercial brands and sites that consumers seek out most frequently – and which tend to have the most Search Spam associated with them.

In order not to confuse their visitors, the Official Sites listings are identified by an Official Sites logo. Sponsored listings are also clearly identified.

Chris Richardson is a search engine writer and editor for WebProNews. Visit WebProNews for the latest search news.