Officer Fired For Shooting At Squirrel

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A Tennesee police officer has been fired from his job for his encounter with a squirrel, which–for the squirrel– turned out to be deadly. The incident took place at a Dollar General store in Johnson County, Tennesee. Officer Jody Putnam, formerly of the Mountain City Police Force, was on duty when he found that at a Dollar General store, the employees were needing help with a squirrel. After Putnam’s arrival, it was discovered that a squirrel had somehow found its way inside the Dollar General store.

According to the police department records, Putman began firing his gun inside the store in attempt to get rid of the squirrel. As if gun shots were not frightening enough, Putnam then began spraying pepper spray at the squirrel. Unfortunately for patrons, the pepper spray was so intense that they too were affected by it and had to exit the Dollar General. Carl Duffield, the owner of the property, commented on the incident:

“Shooting back there, of course that should not have been. That should not have happened. Then they began to spray it with mace and pepper spray. There was a lot of people that came out [...] and they were coughing and a-hacking. It was comical, but I’m sure they didn’t feel that way, the customers that came out.” 

And to make matters worse, according to police procedure, Putnam was supposed to make a written report after using his gun, as all officers are required to submit a report to a supervisor whenever shots are fired. Putnam was said to have refused completing and submitting a report. Lawrence Keeble, the mayor of Mountain City, read the legal forms stating the reason for Putnam’s termination of employment, which was violation of the police department’s policy. Putnam was fired from the force on October 2nd of 2013.

Image via News Channel 11

Officer Fired For Shooting At Squirrel
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  • Wow

    Could have been worse. He could have been that cop who purposely ran a man down with his car or the ones who stripped that woman then threw her naked in a cell or the ones that that hogtied a woman for a traffic violation or the one who shot that dog out of spite ….. man I could go on and on about cops.

  • Mirae

    Gosh, if he maced and shot Squirrel, what would he do to Moose, Boris & Natasha?

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