Office 2007 Beta Closes As RTM Begins

    October 6, 2006

Office 2007 has entered the RTM process, and should actually be released to manufacturing in the next few weeks, according to an email from Microsoft.

The email announces the end of the very successful beta, and that the retail version is on its way. The betas expire March 15 (May 31 for server products), which will be enough time to pick up the retail version (expected in late January). You will not be able to upgrade from the beta to the final release, but will have to uninstall the beta and install the retail.

Congratulations, Office guys! The hard workers on the various Office programs did a great job putting everything together, and although the new interface is going to have to battle to win consumers, no one can deny the quality of this product. I wish them the best of luck on store shelves.


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