Octomom Nadya Suleman Pleads Not Guilty To Fraud

    March 12, 2014
    Toni Matthews-El
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Nadya Suleman, the woman not-so-affectionately known as “Octomom”, pleaded not guilty on Tuesday to one count of welfare fraud. Suleman has yet again been accused of lying about her income in order to get government assistance to care for her 14 children.

Past counts of welfare fraud against the 38-year-old mother are due largely to her alleged failure to report income earned from personal appearances and videos even as she cashed welfare checks. This fourth count of fraud brings the total amount of restitution sought by the state of California to $26,000.

During this latest court appearance Suleman waived her right to trial. Superior Court Judge David M. Horowitz said that she was to return to court on April 16th should a plea deal have not been reached by then.

Suleman’s time in court was said to have been rather brief, no more than five minutes. She remains a free woman for now, having been released on her own recognizance.

There is no telling whether or not this will be the case after Suleman appears in court next month. If she is found guilty, the Z-list celebrity could be facing a sentence of six years and four months in jail. Should Suleman agree to repay the thousands she’s said to owe the state, prosecutors say she’ll likely avoid a prison sentence.

Suleman’s legal troubles have only increased over the past several years, since she first came to the attention of the media and public back in 2009. Suleman’s decision to give birth to eight children at once and have over a dozen children as a single mother was highly controversial and remains so today. The negative public sentiment and concern for her children only increased as it became increasingly apparent she was struggling to care for them.

It was fairly obvious that Suleman was counting on her fame to support her household. As those earnings dried up, she turned to government assistance in order to care for her children.

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  • Cheryl Morrison

    what a disgusting person. I feel so bad for all of those children.

  • Linda Whisler

    So what if she earned some money on her own, Sounds like some hater turned her in for spite. When on welfare, you can on make so much money if they’re helping you. But in her care, she’s got 14 children. I don’t think any of us can relate to that. As long as her kids are eating, clean, healthy, and happy , people should be minding there own business . Who ever turned her in wasn’t thinking of those kids.


      She put herself out in the public back when this all happened with the 8 babies. She wanted the 5 minutes of fame. Looks like it backfired and now we have to pay for her choice to have 8 kids and then another 6. We should not have to pay for her choice.

      • Susan Betts

        She’s mentally ill and the media should not have stooped that low to have made the profit they have from the suffering of children.

      • lililala

        C’mon Mary,she did not wanted to become famous, we all know that it was the media that stock its nose in her life showing her all over the news!! You are ignorant and heartless!

    • theresa

      what are you serious it is the people and tax payers concern glad they turned her in ..money is not going to kids it goes to her lip surgery tummy tucks and stupid stuff but she showed she makes bad choices when she paid to get preg without any income.. taking all that free handout and her bank account bigger then any middle class worker ….then what saw article she hit lottery or something and was still stealing from the welfare ??? she doesn’t sound like a pillar to our society and hope she doesn’t raise a bunch of welfare repeaters cause you know people are product of their environment..

      • Linda Whisler

        I don’t think anything she has done is right for any reason. But I’m not going to blast her for trying to make money either. The Haters that I talked about who’d get her in trouble just for fun, I think you’d be one of those. And not even once think about those kids when they didn’t ask for any of this. But I’d love to see her get out here and take care of all of them working and supporting them without haters like you and others being so judgmental. Her kids love her.

        I haven’t read lately about her getting tummy tucks with welfare money.

        • Devil Dog

          So if you feel she should defraud the tax payer- of which you are apparently NOT- why don’t you write her a personal check. Put your money where your mouth is. Oh wait- liberals are ONLY generous with other peoples money.

          • Linda Whisler

            Let me guess, You voted for Obama didn’t you. I’m a Hillary Clinton person myself. Hope she runs for President.

          • Devil Dog

            Can you make yourself look any dumber?

          • Linda Whisler

            Follow u? Your doing a great job of it LOL

        • lililala

          You are right Linda! It is sad that most of those haters are women!! We have to know that in reality women do not abuse welfare, actually the ones that abuse welfare are the men that abandon their children and women and become deadbeats because they think: o.k.; she can get help from welfare, so I am out of here!! It happens every second!

          • Linda Whisler

            You know a lot of people refuse to listen to the reality part of it all. I don’t know how the problem is suppose to be fixed when most act the same way..

    • Kaa Ess Kers

      Wait a minute Linda, looks like you have a double standard…it isn’t okay for Teresa/Joe Guidice to defraud the government but it is okay for Suhlman? what a wavy moral line you seem to have. Have you perhaps defrauded the government while on welfare?

      • Linda Whisler

        I said when on welfare you’re allowed so much, How much for 14 kids? And If she wanted to start working some ,I think you are allowed to make some money, but I don’t know how much,But then there’s haters like yourself and others, who she probably knows that and called in on her. I think it’s great she’s making an effort to work, unlike you and others making fun. What ever she’s done, she’s still a mother with 14 children who love her, and she hasn’t lost them. so that says something. People are just so mean. Read a book.

        • R2D2Mama

          Nadya Suleman is allowed to make around $120,000 per year and still legally collect welfare, including food stamps and cash aid. California obviously has proof she made MORE than that, yet still collected welfare.

          • Linda Whisler

            Then she need to get into trouble, and she should have just pleaded guilty and explained. Wonder what she did? She does come up with some doozies.120.000 a year and welfare is a lot of money for the county to provide.

  • Leen

    OK…so once in blue moon a white woman has a lot of kids. The REAL PROBLEM is all these minority kids running around without any supervision, guidance or morality who will be societies liabilities.

    • Susan Betts

      She not white she is of a Middle Eastern descent. I wonder what happen to the doctor that planted 8 children in her to begin with. He is the real criminal and should have to support those children till they are 18. She’s just mentally ill. I feel so bad for those children they can not possibly have a good life with or without welfare.

    • lililala

      Yeah, thanks to deadbeat fathers!! They are the guilty ones!!

      • Kim Moss Westbrooks

        She probably has no idea who the father’s are…she was inseminated by a quack doctor, remember?

  • nickelass

    Can you imagine the size of her p ussy. Her boyfriend must have to strap a 2×4 on his back, just so he doesn’t fall in.

    • lililala

      You must have a huge Ass from having “fun” with your male honeys!

  • fryer01

    where is her mom and dad???? can’t they take the kids..and just lock this thing up !!!

  • Kaa Ess Kers

    It fries me when people think that her parents can fix/rescue adult Nady. Her parents were there in the beginning for a VERY long time…. and she burned
    them out too(and kicked them out)…like she has every person that has worked for her.
    The people with a morale compass have left
    her employ. She would not know a moral compass if it walked up and
    slapped her in the face. Everyone….. public and private have tried to
    advise her and help her to no avail.

    IT IS HER, not the haters, the media, her parents, welfare system, etc etc. SHE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT SHE CHOSES TO DO!

  • Jim

    I live in Ft. Lauderdale and last year she was being advertised at the strip clubs, can you imagine who would pay for a lap dance from this pig?

    • lililala

      Yeah, the pigs men!!! There are plenty of them out there!

  • susanmx

    So once you get convicted of welfare fraud they give you MORE welfare? ridiculous. She deliberately had those children, get to work. She did soft core porn by the way to earn money.

  • Greg

    She is a lowlife loser, and she doesn’t deserve those kids. She is ugly and disgusting. I hope they get taken away from her. Her Mother should be ashamed of her

    • lililala

      Yeah Greg, I bet that if you were in her shoes you would’ve done worst things!! because you have an ugly heart.

  • Jerry McCarty

    Where are the fathers for this woman. Some man needs to put this woman on a leash. She will be arrested and the 14 kids will be put into foster homes. She is playing a criminal game for getting money. Obviously she thinks her 8 children owe her something in compensation.

  • Bernadette Ezakovich

    how did she ever pay for in vitro fertilization? Thats like $20,000 a pop. She was defrauding welfare just to get the 8 kids in the first place and IDK about California but in Mississippi you only get welfare for 2 kids, after that you are on your own. You are supposed to figure out you cant afford them by the 3rd

  • PeterTrapasso

    Good story! More her with video – Octomom pleads not guilty to welfare fraud charges (video)