Octomom Claims Her Hairdresser Set Her Up: Twitter Reacts

    April 27, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Octomom Nadya Suleman is back in the news again. Is that really so surprising? She’s kind of like that pesky cold sore that just won’t go away. Now, it would seem, Suleman is claiming that she was “set up” by her hairdresser, who, upon seeing the supposedly disgusting condition of the Octomom’s house, took photos and turned her in to authorities.

Suleman recently spoke to Good Morning America in an attempt to clear her name and set the record straight. At this point, I think people have already made up their minds about the mother of 14, so I’m honestly not sure what, if anything, she hopes to accomplish by telling her story on national television.

“I think, maybe, me and my kids were set up,” she explained in the interview. “We were set up.”

Suleman went on to discuss the contents of these controversial photos, which include a picture of a door held shut by a chair placed beneath the knob. This, she explained, was done to prevent her kids from coming in and out of the room constantly while she was receiving her Brazilian blow-out. Speaking of which, the Octomom claims that this fee included haircuts for everyone in the family, herself included. Truthfully, this kind of makes sense, and the thought had actually crossed my mind when I first heard about this “story” earlier in the week.

However, last time I checked, barber colleges across the nation will cut hair for next to nothing. Something to consider if you’re relying on government assistance. Just a thought.

“I am making money, though. I have jobs and I can afford it,” Suleman said in her defense.

Regarding her half-naked children using the bathroom outside: The toilet inside was busted, forcing her brood to use the potty outside. The plumbing, she claims, was corrected as soon as possible.

In other words, everything has been taken out of context. The barricaded door, the half-naked potty party in the backyard, the expensive price of her haircut — everything. Unfortunately, the damage to her reputation was said and done a while back, so I’m not entirely sure why she feels the need to address every single allegation.

What do you think? Is the Octomom trying to explain away her problems, or was this whole situation blown entirely out of proportion? Let us know in the comments section. While you’re gathering your thoughts, why not take a look at what certain people on Twitter are saying on the subject.

Police investigated OctoMom and found her 14 kids neglected and malnourished. Basically the same conditions they experienced in her womb.(image) 21 hours ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

On the count of 3, everyone just ignore Octomom. 1 – 2 –(image) 19 hours ago via txt ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Octomom Gets to Keep Her Kids AND Her Awesome Hair http://t.co/TPm3ThRt(image) 3 minutes ago via dlvr.it ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Would you believe the octomom spend $520 to get her hair done by a personal stylist. Spendind welfare money on a treatment for her hair..(image) 27 minutes ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

I’m really afraid to click the link about the ‘squalor of Octomom’s hellhole’ because I’m not entirely sure they are referring to her house.(image) 1 day ago via TweetCaster for Android ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

  • Lydia Lee

    I think that instead of all the talk why haven’t social serves stepped
    in to better these living conditions for these children. They take kids
    from parents with less charges then this. And for this to go on like this is creating children with self esteem issues and then crime.

  • Kathy

    Lydia is right. Children have been taken away for much less than this. Octo’s children are half dressed, her home was a mess (and will be in the future, just wait), the kids are going potty (half naked) in public, and she’s spending over $500 for a blowout. It has to stop. One of these chidren is going to get seriously hurt as they grow older and have this extreme lack of supervision. The time to take them away is NOW, not when one of them is dead or in critical care. And she should be reported for welfare fraud. She clearly says she ‘has a job’. So why is she getting welfare? Because she’s not reporting that income! That’s fraud! She’s listed on Dial A Star for $14 a minute. Welfare should take that into consideration. These children are headed for a life of anxiety, self esteem problems and maybe even crime. Social services should at least have Suleman psychiatricly evaluated and tested for drugs. She is not capable of handling all the kids.

  • http://yahoo linda

    irst the kardashians now this bitch havent we had enough of all these loosing bags whats next more kate and her brats they all belong on a farm in the sheds with the rest of the hoes and come back out at christmas then he wont have to talk alls he will have to do is bring out all his ho ho hos just saying

    • Ramona

      Wow. You should learn to spell and punctuate. Someone might take you seriously. “Just saying”

  • jonny

    Why does everyone hate this woman? She was misled by her fertility doctor, and things have snowballed for her. What is wrong with children writing on walls? I personally wouldn’t have it, but what is really wrong with it? When the phase is outgrown, you paint. Problem solved. And going to the bathroom outside? They were sitting on potties for pete’s sake. Their backyard is protected with a fence. That’s not exactly public! Again, I see no problem. And the $250 for her haircut was not the whole story. She owed the hairdresser for 14 cuts for herself and her kids. The woman is trying. She has managed for 3 very long years. I say leave her alone or offer your support.

    • bridget

      johnny you are right lets all leave her alone support her when she lies and then stand around and cry together “we want justice” when one or more of ’em gets hurt. sound familiar? does the name Casey Anthony? Why wait? Lydia and Kathy are right those babies need to be taken away now while they are still young enough to teach things like talking to be heard not screaming over 13 other kids to be heard. SOCIAL SKILLS are best taught early because they are a lifetime lesson this is too much to for her to handel. The result is only going to end in tragedy. Thousands protested for Travon Martin and people listened lets do something first for a change WE WANT JUSTICE FOR THOSE INNOCENT CHILDREN who have no choice to but to grow up in filth chaoss and with a mother who is worried more about her hairy ass then the safety of her babies!

      • Minister Lottie K. Supples

        Amen!!! Everyone has an issue or two. Unfortunately she has many that has become the nosey public problems. If she falls on her face then be their to pick her up instead of knicking her all over the place.

    • justice

      Its idiots like you that give you support.
      Shes an idiot and so are you, and the kids deserve better
      Where is the father of these children
      Where is the child support
      Why do taxpayers have to support her

    • Dee

      I think she is doing fine. Kids using the potty out back with a privacy fence is no big deal. The lady has a lot of kids what if all the bathrooms was taken??? Then what?? We just need to be supportive of this woman raising all these kids on her own. She may make mistakes but hey we all do. Give her a break, things like this would make someone want to kill themselves because we are always in there buisness and trying to make matters worst then what they really are.

  • Pam

    I just feel so sorry for those kids. They didn’t ask for any of this.

  • Dago T

    Cold sore?

    More like herpes.

    • DH

      a cold sore is herpes dummy

  • sherma

    Her house is messy – well yes with 14 children what else is expected, people are talking about bringing in social services to do what take away the children, good God please she already made a huge life error by having all these children what we want to do now is create an even worse situation by taking away and splitting-up another family, give this woman a break, let’s all get our facts straight before we condemn her.

  • Kelly

    Who could take 14 children to the barber college? Yes it would be cheaper but it is a matter of logistics. I think the hairstylist is looking for her/his 15 minutes. I think she just went there out of curiosity.
    When the weather is nice I’ve been known to lock the doors because I can have kids in and out all day tracking in whatever they are doing. Mud, water the back pasture. And everytime I turn around one of the kids is peeing outside because they don’t want to quit playing long enough to come in. I’m tring to stop that behavior but it isn’t uncommon.
    Leave this gal alone. Is she in over her head? You bet.

  • bridget

    the FACT is Sherma this is too much for a mother who is more worried about how she looks then how the kids look or how her home looks. You were able to make the choice to get on here and comment what choices do those children have?

  • Quila

    I am sick of hearing about this woman. She is a testament to career welfare and she is a waste of taxpayer dollars. Her kids would be so much better off being in foster homes, and I know that is sad to say, but to see them living this way, is sadder. Get her kids away from her, so that they won’t be career welfare too!

  • Minister Lottie K. Supples

    Amen!!!! We all have issues that we deal with on a day to day bases. Unfortunately she has issues that the nosey public gets into. Since she has these problems then (BE) their to help pick her up when she is down instead of kicking her to the curb when she is down or thrown under the bus. JESUS love you Nadya and so do I. If you don’t know Jesus, may I present Him to you. Read, Read St. John 3:16. For God so Loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but shall have everlasting life.

  • Alexandra V.Singleton

    Just a quick question how many of you are mother? Now imagine someone trying to take your children. I am confused on my thoughts about this do not think the kids would actually be better off without her. Have we all heard the stories of kids in foster home being abused, neglected, and raped while this isn’t the case always it has certainly been alot of it happening. However I do agree the woman needs help. I can certainly understand struggles, I myself am a single parent of three with college education working everyday it is not easy but they are MY ChILDREN just as hers are her regardless of how they were concieved. Let try to be more supportive but be realist she is entiled to raise her own children. They need to give her the help regardles there are women with a lot less kids that we pay for everyday that do nothing. She may not be the best but at least she is giving it a shot. Where the teachers how many student do they deal with in their class on a daily basis. Asked them how are is it to control that many kids at one time but they do their best. There are still occassions when there is writing on her wall or someone doing things they should do we fire her. All I saying is help this woman stop beating up on her. She made what we as general public think a mistake her pride is an issue let not give her choice let just do what we can and pray for her and her family.

  • Allie

    Every one is talking about taking her children from her, is the answer? Are you sure that’s really the answer? I think she needs professional help. Maybe someone can show her parenting skills. How to take care of her children, home and finances. Having 14 children and single parent is a lot of burden. No one told her to go there and have the babies but they are here. Everyone is complaining about tax payer dollars but, what about the welfare of the children in foster care. Who is to say that someone is going to want to adopt all of the children. Its a terrible situation don’t get me wrong but I think that she needs help.

    • http://yahoo betty

      I agree. At least the woman is trying. To all of you who think you know better, why don’t you stop whining and give her some help?
      YOU try raising 14 kids all by yourself, with the world beating on you and watching every move you make. Get off your butts and help your neighbor!

  • Tanja Walker

    I’m not a huge fan of the Duggers, but they manage their 19 children with grace and efficiency. I guarantee those kids aren’t writing on the walls or running around half-naked. I had a cousin with 10 kids. Same thing. They were polite, well-mannered, well-disciplined, and clean and neat. I realize Nadya is a single parent. She needs to get help in there and set up some order and discipline for these kids, if it’s not too late already. Otherwise, it’s time for the state to step in and take those kids away.

    • Dee

      Kids are just kids, they do write on walls. Taking her kids is not the answer. Okay the kids are out back with a privacy fence with t-shirts on (who cares) they are home with there mother with a privacy fence. When police came they stated that it was no real harm done to the kids and they had no reason to take her kids.Obviously she is doin something right.

      • Kirby

        What kind of mother lets her young children play with spray paint in cans? From the photos I saw 4 diff colors on the walls. She has a huge lack of parenting skills. Her looks are way more important to her than simple plumbing fixes. We will be seeing a lot more of these poor kids in the future. As they get older they will be more physcially capable and then there were be real trouble. They no doubt will be in the news a lot more. You must have a real low threshold that qualifies for “good mothering”.

  • http://yahoo Patricia

    Give the woman a break. I would rather my tax dollars go to help a single mother than to the prison system to support criminals. Who knows exactly what goes on in her home, but 3 years with 14 kids, she deserves a medal. If she can get a haircut, let her. She is lucky to find time to comb it. Who are we to judge how she lives? I have been in homes of very wealthy people and I could not wait to get out. Some people do not care about the condition of their home or if their kids are dressed, only if the kids are happy.

  • carol h.

    She may very well have been set up. But I do wonder why the doctor or doctors that helped her get pregnant so many times, are not held responsible. They knew she had no job, no husband and no money. Do they not bear some financial responsibility for helping this troubled woman?

    What all those doctors did was immoral under the circumstances. They added to her emotional problems, of which her desire to be continually pregnant was a symptom. And I wonder if they should be tested to see if they used their own sperm.

    As for her hair dresser I don’t know. The pictures of her children show them to be a good looking bunch and seem healthy looking. If they tend to be wild, it is predictable under the circumstance. As for the octomom and her common sense and ability to budget money, that would seem to be asking too much. Part of her problem would be no common sense. She will have to be watched, no doubt about it. Whatever money she hoped to make after having so many children did not pan out, because of the circumstances. So the state is rushing to aid her. And her desire for attention by giving birth to so many did not pan out either.

    This idiot is not an intelligent planner. But she was smart enough to get the willingly stupid doctors to implant her children. So in retrospect how smart are they?

  • Bob

    Please someone just put a bullet in this bitches head .she is worthless,i dont want to pay for her or her 14 stank ass little brats.its a shame to spend that much on a haircut.haircutting school do it for free or really cheap, seriously just end this sorry skanks life she doesnt deserve to breath

  • http:/suziproulxwilson.avonrepresentative.com Suzanne

    Although I never had 14 children, I have been there and done that. I’ve been the single parent, had children who colored on the wall (with crayons and MY nail polish!) My girls were taken from ME for a year because of lack of proper supervision. My oldest was special needs; she was misdiagnosed with mental retardation. It turned out she had autism. I did spank. The CPS and Human Services here help parents to take parenting classes, anger management, get therapy. When they were placed back with me, my oldest that angry. She acted out…scratching, hitting, (me) pushing, (sister)and destroyed her bedroom door. My oldest was taken out of our home. The Human Services told me I would have to either commit to raising my oldest or give up my parental rights to her. Then she could be adopted. HS said they would find parents that would be agreeable to an OPEN adoption. Once my girl was out, they moved her 100 miles from us, and in with a family that had 4 kids already! The HS turned around and told me that it was not in her best interest to have contact with us at all!

    I recall seeing Nadya on The Dr. Drew Show. He was offering her all kinds of help. She was less than enthusiastic, even very hesitant to accept ANYthing. Hearing her turning down bedroom furniture for the children puzzles me. In her place, I would have taken anything I could get if it would help my children have a better quality of life. The fence is great, but if she has it so no one sees her children pooping in the backyard then that isn’t great. She should have accepted the help from the Dr to get the plumbing fixed! Children should NOT have to be outside half naked to go potty! Period!

  • Kirby

    Nadya lets her young kids play with spray paint in cans. Just look at the walls. There are 4 diff colors on the walls. What kind of parent lets kids play with permanent spray paint? Kids can and do write on walls with crayons and markers – not spray paint. It is not good parenting to let your kids poop outside in the backyard. She should be training them in the house. At what age is it appropriate to teach them to use a bathroom? In 10 years from now, they will be peeing on the sidewalk or pooping in someone’s planter it will be because she neglected to teach them the proper place for relieving ones self at the right time. Face it, this family is a train wreck and we are going to see it happen in the media. I am so sorry for these kids. What a neglected childhood they will have and a lifetime of emotional misery because of it.

  • Dolores

    So who is watching her everyday to know what is going on in her house? How about putting a webcam in her house and letting the “government” monitor her? Better yet, why not let the “government” put webcams in all our homes and monitor all of us. No more dirty houses, no more bad parenting, no more half dressed kids, no more dirty kids, no more abused kids….problem solved!!!! Maybe the “government” could limit the number of children per person too.

  • Lyndia

    How do any of you people know what those kids are going to be? I admitt, having 14 children and you are by yourself is stupid but that is the life she cut out for herself. I never would have done that but she did. Why would social services take her kids? Are they being abused or neglected? I am an educator in Chicago and I have witnessed the abuse that many foster child go through. Many of the people are in it for the money. Why bust up her family and place them in foster homes where the potential for abuse is great?

  • Sherry

    Who cares ! this is old news !! Just leave the lady and her kids alone. Mind your own business, u all keeping talking about other people u must not have a life of your own !!

    • Sherry

      I meant to say you all keep talking about not keeping talking

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