ObjectStore to Release ObjectStore Version 6.2

    September 20, 2004

Support for Java Data Objects, Schema Modification Services and 64-Bit Linux Enhances Accessibility and Flexibility in Production Environments.

ObjectStore an operating company of Progress Software Ctoday reinforced its position as the leading platform for real-time data management and processing with its announcement of the upcoming release of ObjectStore Version 6.2. Highlights of Version 6.2 include support for Java Data Objects (JDO) and key enhancements that include schema modification tools and support for 64-bit Linux platforms. The new features of ObjectStore 6.2 further enable high-performance applications such as financial trading, eCommerce and RFID to deliver the real-time responsiveness that they require.

“Real-time data services provide organizations with a significant competitive advantage,” said Peter Sliwkowski, president, ObjectStore. “Traditional database environments alone lack the scalability and speed required for this new generation of applications that must process greater volumes of data coming at much faster speeds. ObjectStore delivers a comprehensive set of standards-based data management and processing services on a single platform. This package delivers unrivaled scalability and performance, and will prove an important foundation in meeting the complex data processing requirements of emerging applications like RFID.”

ObjectStore 6.2 provides both end-user organizations and application partners with a rich platform upon which to develop and operate real-time applications. New features include:

— JDO Support – Following the April announcement of JDO support in the embedded, single-user ObjectStore PSE Pro environment, ObjectStore now adds a standards-based Java interface to its enterprise platform. JDO continues to build momentum as a standard mechanism for managing persistent data in Java environments. JDO support in ObjectStore and PSE Pro provides developers with a rich foundation upon which to build real-time solutions.

— Schema Evolution Services – In response to customer requirements, ObjectStore has introduced important performance enhancements to ease the process of modifying the database schema. With these schema services, the many customers with large multi-gigabyte ObjectStore databases gain a significantly more flexible data modeling environment, while still leveraging the unique performance and scalability advantages available with the ObjectStore Cache-Forward Architecture.

— 64-Bit Linux Support – Version 6.2 adds new support for 64-bit Linux environments. In addition to existing 64-bit support for Unix platforms, ObjectStore now enables customers opting for open-source platforms to deploy ever larger production databases.

ObjectStore is the platform of choice when actionable real-time information drives competitive advantage and customer satisfaction. As such, partners worldwide use it for their applications.

“InfoVista delivers critical performance management solutions to service providers that enable them to monitor and report the quality of service expected by their customers,” said Serge Adda, vice president, architect, at InfoVista, an ObjectStore partner. “Our solutions leverage the powerful object database from ObjectStore because it best satisfies the stringent requirements of data integrity, performance and scalability that our customers require to run their business in real time. We are pleased to see continued development and support for ObjectStore and eager to leverage its latest capabilities.”


ObjectStore Version 6.2 is scheduled for release in November 2004.

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