Obesity Letters. Are American Children too Fat ?

    November 3, 2013
    Nanette Haz
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A highly opinionated woman, who identifies herself as “Cheryl” was a guest on a  radio show hosted by Corey Schaffer out of Fargo, North Dakota. During the interview she stated she would distribute candy to all children who are trick or treating. However, the candy would be accompanied with obesity letters. This letter is addressed to the parents of children that she feels are overweight.

Apparently Cheryl who did not state if she was a mother or has any type of dietary training, feels that her actions are justified by stating “I am not denying any of the kids candy“, “I am just hoping the parents are going to read this and think about it while they watch their kids get into bigger and bigger sizes of clothes.

Corey Schaffer stated on Wednesday “As far as we know Cheryl is a local Fargo woman that thinks it is her mission to watch out for the overweight children of Fargo”. The interview was planned in advance by the host Schaffer who is also known as Zero while hosting his show on Y94. Several emails were used to discuss the topic before the interview aired live on the air. Schaffer stated that the discussion between himself and Cheryl resulted in  “nasty, nasty responses”.

It is not clear if Cheryl received any uncomfortable confrontations or had her home vandalized after passing out the obesity letters in person on Halloween. The waistlines on the nations children are growing at a rate that is hard to ignore. Retailers like Old Navy and Kmart are catering to the needs of children and teens that are plus sized or husky.  The children a generation ago who were considered fat were in some cases much slimmer than today’s obese school aged children.

American children are larger than they were even 20 years years ago. How fat is too fat ? According to the Centers for Disease Control 12.5 million children from age 2 to 19 are not at a healthy weight.
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  • It is True

    It is true, we are a fat nation. We are simply fat as hell!! Have you been to your local Walmart lately? Why is porn so popular? The average porn star weighs 117 and the average american woman weighs 164. That is a huge difference. Why are men and women both going after younger people constantly? Because when you date someone younger you have at least a shot of finding someone in shape. What kills a relationship? When your spouse becomes a freaking slob or stops having sex. Is being fat healthy? No it isn’t. Is it attractive? No it isn’t.

    Yes, what I wrote is not politically correct. Yes, it is brutal. I really don’t like it myself. But it is the freaking truth.

    That being said. Making kids feel like crap for being overweight is not a good way to change things. I hope those kids did egg that woman’s house.

  • http://newbizshop.com Derek

    Well if the parents do not care about there kids weight then blame it on the parents when the kids dies at a young age of some illness do to overweight.

    Get your kid into fitness type of sports at a young age and make healthy food. Kids wonder why they are bullied in school… could be there weight problem at a young age.

    This woman was trying to make other parents aware and perhaps those parents might take one or two steps in making there kid eat healthy and maybe go out and play and not play video games all day or sit on the internet all day.