Obama’s Middle East Speech to Get Twitter Follow-Up Chat

Brings international policy debate to the world of social media in an official capacity

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Obama’s Middle East Speech to Get Twitter Follow-Up Chat
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Tomorrow at 11:40 am Eastern Time, President Obama will give a speech about United States policy in the Middle East and North Africa. The White House is looking to connect via social media to the public by announcing a live follow-up chat on Twitter.

The speech will stream live at whitehouse.gove\live, and after it’s completed Twitter users will be given a chance to participate and even shape the discussion that follows.

Here’s the form the discussion will take:

Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes will be interviewed by Andy Carvin from NPR and Marc Lynch from Foreign Policy. Instead of formulating all the question themselves, they are inviting the Twitterverse to help craft the queries. From the NPR News blog:

If you’re on Twitter and want to submit a question, please post a tweet with your question and include the hashtag #MEspeech in the tweet. You can pose your question before or during the speech. We won’t be able to get to every question, of course, so we encourage everyone to follow the #MEspeech hashtag and join the broader conversation about the speech on Twitter.

Please join me (@acarvin) and Marc Lynch (@abuaardvark) Thursday for a tweet chat during Obama’s #MEspeech: http://n.pr/kVl9nC Pls RT 1 hour ago via TweetDeck · powered by @socialditto

Apparently, the White House themselves played a role in getting this live Twitter-chat off the ground:

The White House contacted Marc and me several days ago, asking if we would be interested in conducting a Twitter chat related to the speech. We agreed on the condition that the two of us would run the chat and any subsequent interviews ourselves, including choosing the questions and topics to be addressed in it.

The hashtag #MEspeech is already generating some tough questions on Twitter, as you can see:

.@acarvin Who will be there next to WH official Ben Rhodes to provide opposition? No one. So this is a propaganda event. #MESpeech 1 hour ago via Twitter for Mac · powered by @socialditto

.@avinunu the only terms were that the WH would have no say about what we ask. And I hope we get lots of questions from people across MENA. 1 hour ago via TweetDeck · powered by @socialditto

@abuaardvark In context of US democ. principles & human rights principles explain US (selective) support of repressive regimes #MEspeech 16 minutes ago via web · powered by @socialditto

. @abuaardvark @acarvin Does Obama Admin see recent events in #MENA as opp to change US policy: will we walk our talk finally? #MEspeech 42 minutes ago via web · powered by @socialditto

It looks like the White House is truly trying to involve the world of social media in the debate. Policy debate via Twitter is just the beginning of the enormous role Social media is going to play in the upcoming 2012 elections. The White House is already integrating, and Republican contenders are going to have to do the same.

Obama’s Middle East Speech to Get Twitter Follow-Up Chat
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  • S.

    I really like president Obama, but I am very disappointed in the way his administration’s policy towards the Middle East and North Africa. He will have a lot of explaining to do about why the US and its allies are bombing and destroying Libya, and they have not even sanctioned the Syrian government until now? Why are they letting other governments like the Saudi regime kill their own people and kill the Bahraini people? Why are the western countries as NATO only going after the Libyan government when their is much worse then the Gadhaffi regime? I am curious to hear what president Obama has to say in his speech.

  • charlie kirkpatrick

    Eventually giving away our childrens future is going to affect the generation now doing so. When our generation is abandoned by our own children and we are left penniless on the streets we will have nothing more to complain about. They will pass laws preventing us from aquiring healthcare and life sustaining services. It wont matter how much money weve ratholed away, if it is against the law we are screwed. Just remember you reap what you sew people. Going about life with no care about anyone but yourselves is going to pay you back tenfold. I will train and lead our children to your ultimate demise. Spending our childrens future now, will undoubtably cause everlasting results, and jade them from caring at all for us. If we dont stop our government from this spiralling downward fall into the pit we will all awaken one day and have no one to blame but our own miserable lives. Lives that could have been spent preventing all of this. A former International Teamster organizer.

  • http://www.inetsoft.com/business/bi/agile_bi/ Agile BI Expert

    Bottom line – this is about money. It’s not going to get Joe six pack a job of course, unless the government decides to send him out to occupy one of those territories for a few decades. It’s about getting securing an investment for the skull and cross bones club at Yale.

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