Obama’s Change.gov Goes Live

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Well, he didn’t waste much time. President-elect Barack Obama already has his new website up and running: Change.gov. And guess what? You can apply for a job at the White House there.

No doubt Obama utilized the Web better than any candidate before him. He raised a ton—stacks and stacks—of money online, $5 and $10 at a time, hired an SEM expert before it was even certain he’d win the primary, and took his message to YouTube.

Enter Change.gov, subheaded: Office of the President-Elect. Apparently a virtual office. Like many a company or organization website, it’s easily navigable via tabs at the top leading to a Newsroom and an About page. But it has some surprising—and somewhat revolutionary sections as well.

Obama's Change.gov Goes Live

It’s not the blog section, or the biography sections for Obama and Joe Biden. The revolutionary parts are the participatory crowd-sourcing sections. Have a vision for America? You can pound out your version of “Common Sense” and upload it to the site. Have a story you want told? Under the same “American Moment” tab, you can upload that too.

Obama has a link to his agenda, delineating specifically what he plans to do about the economy, the war, health care, homeland security, and global leadership. The site provides an overview of the Presidential Transition and which cabinet positions need to be filled.

Another curious tab, labeled “America Serves,” a number of new corps are mentioned:

The Obama Administration will call on Americans to serve in order to meet the nation’s challenges. President-Elect Obama will expand national service programs like AmeriCorps and Peace Corps and will create a new Classroom Corps to help teachers in underserved schools, as well as a new Health Corps, Clean Energy Corps, and Veterans Corps. Obama will call on citizens of all ages to serve America, by developing a plan to require 50 hours of community service in middle school and high school and 100 hours of community service in college every year. Obama will encourage retiring Americans to serve by improving programs available for individuals over age 55, while at the same time promoting youth programs such as Youth Build and Head Start.

And then, perhaps the most unexpected section of the website, you can apply to work for the President. It doesn’t list which jobs there are openings for. One supposes it’s up the applicant to have something in mind.

No matter what your politics, you gotta admit that’s a new and transformational approach to the highest office in the land.

Obama’s Change.gov Goes Live
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  • arturo tarazona

    congratulations mr. obama for your achievement


  • Guest

    The General Services Administration issues .gov domains https://www.dotgov.gov/index.aspx

    change.gov = = breaking the law
    CustName:   Blue State Digital
    Address:    1000 Vermont Avenue, NW
    Address:    Suite 1000
    City:       Washington
    StateProv:  DC
    PostalCode: 20005
    Country:    US
    RegDate:    2007-11-21
    Updated:    2007-11-21

    NetRange: –
    NetName:    INAP-BSN-BLUESTATE-17797
    NetHandle:  NET-69-25-74-128-1
    Parent:     NET-69-25-0-0-1
    NetType:    Reassigned
    RegDate:    2007-11-21
    Updated:    2007-11-21

  • Guest ambler howard Pearson

    Maybe the new administration can set up a Think Tank – with B Gates, C. Rice, C. Powell, R. Murdock, C. Eastwood, B.& H Clintons.  Major problems can be confronted like:

    Scrape Medicard – use money to open univeral Health care programs for all americans.  Too much fraud in present program.  VA Hospitals can include veterans families.

    New Tariff for imports (40%) higher.  Greed has cause all productions of products outside U.S.

    Get rid of affirmative action amendment (voters right act!

    Change auto registration to increase on all vehicles registered with engines all 2.8 Liters.  Those people who can afford to drive big cars will have to pay increase.  Change our driving life-style.

    • Guest

      Keep in mind: I’m yet to work for a poor (or middle class) person. If the successful people have increased taxes and fees, where do you think they will pass onto? If you own a company that sells motorcycles and it costs you more to operate your business – this "overhead" get’s passed onto the consumer. It’s really a bait-and-switch tactic that most people have the wool pulled over their eyes. Can’t anyone see this?

  • randy osburn

    It  about time america has had a change and i think that with the new president in the office expecially a democrat  that we will have change and it started when we elected Mr Obama  as our 44th president  i am prepared to follow our president in to what we hope is the change we need  so as Mr Obama said " YES WE CAN "   and that is what we need to end hatred and racism and with the help of  the american citezens  so congratulation to our next president  and to his family i have never had a say about any president that we have had but for once in my life  i am happy with the choice that we as americans have made  our lives has started a new era with the history that  has just started on November the 4th of 2008  it was started with the people that had dreams like Mr Martin Luther King and all of the people that dreams of once that america could be happy with the choices that they make to effect the people that they love . now history has been made

    • Guest

      Perhaps you should take a moment and study the history around how Hilter came to power?  Not all change is positive. Marxism and Socialism is change – not the kind of change that our Founding Fathers envisioned for this great nation.

  • mary fran liebherr

    please make health care available to all americans. allow the doctors and the patients to have the control and not the insurance companies.

    • Guest

      Do you know any Doctors that are for this? Do you know anything about the health care in other countries that you want to model ours after? Ask the people in Canada, Mexico & Cuba about their plans. How many health / drug breakthroughs have these countries developed for mankind? Our system is not perfect by but much better than Cuba.

  • Bob

    I believe that stimulus packages do not make that big of difference.I believe that the problem with the economy is with the big companies putting employees on rotating shifts and not paying time and a half and double time on weekends.Not only is this causing economic issues but it is also causing relationship problems with the spouse and kids.Get back to the Monday thru Friday work week and then if you work the weekend you get paid  overtime

    • Guest

      You think rotating shifts caused any of this? I think that is too narrow of a view.

      • http://rideonmowerguide.com/ ride on mower

        I think that this new site version rocks and I hope he will change our world.

  • HateObama

    Yeah, chump change.

    You can keep it, thank you very much.

    Everyone, get used to it:  CHANGE, CHANGE, CHANGE

    cuz that’s all you’re going to have in your pockets – just CHANGE.

    God help us all

  • Scott Bryan

    Lets expand the foreign embassies into small cities.  This will allow the fed to buy up large chunks of the most depressed areas while simultaneously creating new opportunities for nearly all sectors of our economy and reinvigorating the public psyche.

    Instead of another stimulus package, how about refunding some of the money the government earns licensing the electromagnetic spectrum, leasing federal lands, and stuff like that.  By keeping it, the government is effectively taxing each of us the exact same dollar amount regardless of what we earn or anything else.

    Finally, how about installing a qualifying phase in the election process whereby prospective candidates pay for the opportunity to participate in a web site where they demonstrate their skills by competing for our support of their positions on the pending issues of the day.   This would almost certainly allow us to find better candidates, make it easier for people to become candidates, and educate a great deal more of the electorate about the current issues facing our nation, states, and communities.

    We can’t bail our way out of this crisis, or make any real progress towards a government that most liberates the human spirit without the courage and wisdom to strive for bold visions.  I doubt we’ve ever had a better opportunity to either.

  • Rich Fernandez

    Recentlly received information on voting for the sale of National City Bank. I voted against the sale becauce stock I bought for $27.00 will be repaces by stock at about #1.50. My 555 shares will not change the outcome of the vote. The big dogsd with million of shares will get what they want.

    I think each stock holder inspite of the amount of stock he owns show have an each vote. One vote for each man as we did for president to be Obama. If the vote as based on wealth I don’t think he couold have won.

  • http://car2be.com/ Used Bentley

    Obama has a link to his agenda, delineating specifically what he plans to do about the economy, the war, health care, homeland security, and global leadership. The site provides an overview of the Presidential Transition and which cabinet positions need to be filled.

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