Obama Weekly Address Comes To Google+

    January 21, 2012
    Chris Crum

This week, the White House started a Google+ page. Perhaps the Obama administration heard that Google+ is up to 90 million users.

The administration has been posting a weekly address from the President to YouTube throughout his time in office. Now, they have a new channel for distribution.

President Obama Weekly Address on <a href=Google+” src=”http://cdn.ientry.com/sites/webpronews/pictures/weekly-address-plus.jpg” title=”President Obama Weekly Address on Google+” class=”aligncenter” width=”566″ height=”635″ />

Perhaps the administration also heard that Google+ content is much more heavily integrated into Google results these days. Another good reason for any content to appear on Google+, where people can engage with it.

Yes, Obama’s social media strategy is already in full force this election year.