Obama Versus Clinton – The Net Battle

    January 16, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Freshman Senator or former First Lady, that could be the choice Democratic primary voters face when selecting a Presidential nominee for the 2008 election. Tendencies of their demographics have begun to emerge on the Internet.

Democrats regained power in Congress in 2006, and they hope continued disenchantment with the former Republican majority that has lost its way could lead to a return to the White House.

As President Bush’s term counts closer to an end, a couple of high-profile Democrats have begun considering runs at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in 2008. Illinois freshman Senator Barack Obama has started an exploratory committee, while New York’s junior Senator and former White House occupant Hilary Rodham Clinton appears likely to announce her candidacy at any time.

Over two years in politics may as well be measured in galactic rotations; there’s a lot of time between now and November 2008. Right now, online analysis firm Hitwise has looked at Internet interest in the two candidates, and finds Obama has an edge.

“A quick look at the demographic composition of their two respective senate sites (obama.senate.gov and clinton.senate.gov) reveals an interesting breakdown in age between visitors to the two sites,” wrote Hitwise analyst Bill Tancer. “Barack seems to be resonating with the 25-44 year olds, while Clinton is showing a swing toward younger and older voters.”

A breakdown by important states also favors Obama currently. “While they both are clearly swinging in their represented state (Illinois and New York), the remaining top states are telling,” said Tancer. Obama has gained a lot of interest from visitors in his home state of Illinois, and in California, Ohio, Florida, and Michigan.

Clinton has fans in her home base of New York, and in Kansas, New Jersey, Hawaii, and Missouri. Obama has a decided edge when it comes to traditionally Democratic strongholds in this informal look.

When it comes to search, out of the total market share Obama has 0.0013 percent. Clinton’s search share registers only 0.00052 percent. As noted, it’s early in the game. This can all change overnight.

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