Obama Sings Al Green: Video Goes Viral

By: Chris Crum - January 21, 2012

President Obama is no stranger to social media success. Obviously. Perhaps he had social media’s impact on his initial Presidential campaign in mind when he sang a few notes from an Al Green classic the other day. As you would expect, video of this has gone viral. There’s a bunch of different versions of it tearing up YouTube.

We brought you some funny tweets about it yesterday, but here’s some video of the performance itself:

This particular version of the clip already has over 2 million views itself.

Chris Crum

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  • Sam

    Lol that’s quite funny actually.. :)

  • Doe


  • Jan

    That’s the best thing that could happen for Pres. Obama. He is so cool in that video. I’d like to see Newt pull it off that well…ha.

  • http://www.walkinwardrobes.com walk in wardrobes

    I guest that means he is not the antichrist. There goes another conspiracy theory.

  • http://hearttimescoffeecup.com Les Deux Love Orchestra

    Check out this version where our orchestra put the music behind Obama as he sang.


    He did a nice job, he even sang the song in its original key.

    Kind regards
    Bobby Woods
    Les Deux Love Orchestra

  • sabina

    Is he looking for a new career? I believe he should!

  • sabina

    Is he looking for a NEW career?

  • powerhungry

    That a wrap; I’m now convinced, he gets my vote! Not!