Obama Seeks ‘Indefinite’ Web Marketer

Shows Audacity of Presumptive Nominee

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Democratic Presidential hopeful Senator Barack Obama must be pretty confident he’ll get his party’s nomination; his campaign recently posted an Internet advertising job opening. Job duration: Indefinite.

Barack ObamaSen. Barack Obama
(Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

Which means, we presume, maybe until June, maybe until November. We’re guessing he means the latter.

In a posting dated May 9th on ClickZ’s network, the Obama for America campaign lists the marketing position as full time and based in Chicago, Obama’s hometown. He’s equal opportunity for the most part since only Obama supporters need apply, and applicants should have expertise in search engine marketing, SEO, display advertising, Flash animation, and Web video experience.

Obama’s campaign has been Internet savvy from the get-go, taking advantage of popular social networks, YouTube and other video sites. Earlier in the campaign, Obama was the only candidate among the three remaining who spoke at the Googleplex to outline a detailed 21st Century technology plan.

All three candidates already have paid search campaigns running, so the open position could mean Obama is set to go full force into leveraging the Web to get his message out.

Following sponsored links for all three candidates leads to landing pages, two of which—Clinton’s and McCain’s—make immediate calls for donations. In fact, it’s hard to get away from Clinton’s extended hand; navigating away from her first donation prompt leads to another donation-pushing landing page. Navigating away from that page leads finally to the official website where visitors again are ubiquitously prompted to give whatever’s in their pockets.

Obama’s landing page
asks only for participation and donations are prompted via one link on the homepage, reinforcing what most know already: Hillary’s broke—unless she dips into that $100 million again.

Parody is still high in the rankings

Maybe a search expert could help any of the candidates optimize for images of them appearing on Google Image search. While Barack is seen mostly looking Presidential, the West Side doo rag and platinum grill parody is still high in the rankings. For Hillary, it could help her shed the I-think-she-might-be-a-sociopath whispers. But McCain will always be a pirate—yarr.   

Obama Seeks ‘Indefinite’ Web Marketer
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    Wow.. thats definitly interesting.  Wonder what happens when someone gets the job and then he does not get the nomination.

    • http://www.crearedesign.co.uk Adam – Creare Web Design

      Well I wouldn’t expect much in the way of a redundancy package with the amount Obama has spend on campaigning so far.

  • http://www.healthandwellnessarticles.com/ H.W.A.

    "Democratic Presidential hopeful Senator Barack Obama must be pretty confident he’ll get his party’s nomination; his campaign recently posted an Internet advertising job opening. Job duration: Indefinite."


    I would conclude based on his use of the term "indefinite" that Obama is pretty confident he’s going to win in November after winning his party’s nomination.

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    Coming from a different view I think this show a positive progression among politics that moves them even more to an online marketing state of mind.

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    Obama is the Man! He got a great web marketer for his campaign. I have been following Obama on Twitter.com . He is doing well, as he has 95,000 followers on twitter.com , the most of anyone.




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    Obama were following you on twitter.com and we are applying the steps you have taken to our online campaigns .

    Chavonne Jones

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    Going back to what you mentioned, the Obama site has been designed incredibly well. The marketing strategy used is exceptional compared to Clintons former site. All we can hope is that he beats McCain next month!


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