Obama is Criticized for Taking a Selfie at Mandela’s Memorial Service

    December 10, 2013
    Erika Watts
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After our story on people taking selfies at funerals and other inappropriate places, it probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise that someone took a selfie at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service. The person caught taking the selfie, on the other hand, will probably catch you off guard. None other than President Barack Obama was caught snapping a selfie of himself with two prime ministers today.

Former South African president Nelson Mandela’s memorial service was held today in Johannesburg. Obama was just one of many national leaders in attendance. The president was also a speaker at the service and delivered a moving speech that reportedly received a standing ovation.

“With honesty, regardless of our station or our circumstance, we must ask: How well have I applied [Nelson Mandela’s] lessons in my own life?” Obama said. “It is a question I ask myself, as a man and as a president. We know that like South Africa, the United States had to overcome centuries of racial subjugation. As was true here, it took sacrifice–the sacrifices of countless people, known and unknown–to see the dawn of a new day.”

While many people enjoyed the speech, at some point someone snapped a picture of the president taking a selfie of himself with British Prime Minister David Cameron and Denmark Prime Minister Helle Thorning. As you can see, First Lady Michelle Obama is present and is not participating:

The selfie craze, which many consider to be a form of narcissism, has become so popular that the word “selfie” even earned a place in the Oxford Dictionaries Online and was named Word of the Year. Now that the president was caught taking a selfie, at a memorial service no less, it’s not likely this craze will die down anytime soon.

After the selfie was posted to Twitter, it took no time for folks to start criticizing the president. Did you find the picture inappropriate as well or are people making a big deal over nothing? Add your comments below.

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  • John Achtyl

    He doesen’t respect life, why should he respect anyones death.

  • Wow

    This ladies and gentlemen is your President. I am not even political and this ticks me off. Do we need anymore proof that we need to totally clean house in this country. Literally, start from scratch.

    So if this man could do this at a funeral of one of his friends, what do you think does when he is told the average American can’t find a job or is going hungry or doesn’t have retirement savings?

    Bush was a useless President and Obama is a useless President. Those people think the people exist to provide them with comfort. We are serfs to them. Sooner or later they are going to tell the masses to eat cake when we are starving.