Obama Increases Lead On McCain In Online Advertising

McCain leads in video views

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Senator Barack Obama’s campaign ran a more sophisticated online operation during the first six months of 2008 and Obama leads Senator McCain in site visitors, candidate searches, and display ads, while the McCain campaign leads in video views, according to a study from comScore Ad Metrix.

Senator Barack Obama

In the first half of 2008, the Obama campaign regularly displayed more online ads than the McCain campaign, averaging close to 92 million ads per month compared to about 7 million per month for McCain. In recent months, Obama’s online efforts have increased significantly with 150 million ads in May and 244 million in June.

"Not only have the two campaigns placed a different level of emphasis on the importance of using online advertising as part of the media mix, but their execution also shows stark differences," said Andrew Lipsman, senior analyst at comScore.

"While Obama’s ads tend to be ‘brand-building’ ads encouraging people to join the movement, McCain’s ads are often issue-oriented. Additionally, while Obama ads have an almost universally positive message, McCain ads feature a mix of positive and negative messages."
While BarackObama.com has captured close to four times the average number of monthly visitors (2.2 million) as JohnMcCain.com (583,000), the McCain site has achieved more than three times as many video views (2.1 million vs. 612,000).

"By featuring video content prominently on the front page of JohnMcCain.com, the campaign has been able to effectively leverage the Web to reach a larger audience with its video campaign messages," said Lipsman.

The number of searches with the term "Obama" was about four times that of "McCain" (5.4 million vs. 1.3 million). comScore says this is likely due to the public’s interest in Barack Obama’s historic candidacy as the first African – American presidential nominee from a major party and wanting to learn more about the background and positions of the candidate.

In an interview Wednesday with Fox News, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said that the Internet presents an opportunity for politicians to get their message out and that in the future all candidates will have to run very advanced Internet campaigns.

Obama Increases Lead On McCain In Online Advertising
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  • Guest

    I’m now watching the Rep Convention now, and I’m bored to death. It’s Obama hands down. I was impressed and even sadden to see all the Videos on McCain during his capture in the 60"s, he indeed was a war hero however, that is not going to make him a leader/ Comandor In Chief of the United States. MCain is just makeing promises after promises, he doesn’t tell us how he’s going to make all these changes. He is slaming Sentor Obama (not a good stragey) Two weeks ago my husand and I were on the coast Morro Bay Calif Hwy 101 along the Pacific Ocean, There was a group of people on the pier, with signs saying Swim for Obama. And they actually swam from one end of the pier to the other very end in shark festa waters can you imagine!. Well it was awesome to see. Way out here in California people every where of all races rooting for the next President of the United States. By the way my left ear is bending as I type this, John MCain is talking about his inprisonment again, don’t get me wrong it was a terrible to say the least however, enough isd enough don’t you agree? I don’t here any substance. Last but not least his running mate Palin should keep running, she does not have what it takes to be second or first  Oh I’m 74 years old :)


    God Bless amd God bless America with Sentor Obama






  • Guest

    So where is your proof that Obama has what it takes…because his impressive rhetoric says so ???????

    He just made a major wrong decision in not supporting more troops to go to Iraq.

    Leadership is about making good judgements…..Obama ………all talk and no action….he has not made any executive decisions…at least Palin has done so.

     McCain definitely has worked across party lines to make things hapen in the past….Obama no proof that that he can.

    McCain may  not be the Hollywood speech writer and deliverer…..but he knows what he is doing and has worked hard for America.


    Ps I am not affiliated with any party…this is an observation from someone who did not grow up here in the US, but has observed the political Hollywood politics for 20 years….finally someone who seems like a real person bidding for hte White House…..and also someone who makes things happen…..Sarah Palin…she walks the talk

    • The Truth

      "Ps I am not affiliated with any party…this is an observation from someone who did not grow up here in the US, but has observed the political Hollywood politics for 20 years….finally someone who seems like a real person bidding for hte White House…..and also someone who makes things happen…..Sarah Palin…she walks the talk"


      Of course you’re not with any party… you just happen to be bashing Obama like all of the other McCain/Palin redneck fanboys who don’t care what’s being said and done, but rather what’s NOT being said and done.

      You’re about as honest as GW’s entire 8 year presidential run.

      I’m still shocked that people want MORE years of this SAME administration. You must love sitting at home wondering where your money’s going, right?

      …JUST VOTE MCCAIN/PALIN 2008 and you’ll see a MUCH WORSE ECONOMY.

      People can bash Obama all they want – but notice how McCain has not said HOW he’s going to make a change – and Palin WILL NOT talk on her own?

      the only "CHANGE" we have coming is closer to communism. That’s a FACT.

      • Guest

        I think you need to study a little more history.  I don’t think you have a clue as to what communism really is all about.  You need to study all the facts before you start shooting off at the mouth.  There’s no one like George Bush, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, John Kennedy or any other Presidents.  I watched both conventions.  To be honest with you I did not see anything that took place in the Democratic convention that would excite anyone.  A lot of promises.  Change.  What will Hussein Obama change?  How will he change it?  How will these changes if any be paid for?  I don’t know your age but if you have any children you need to rethink some of your ideas.  How can a man serve in a legislature when over 130 times the short time he served he voted present?  Apparently he could make up his mind and vote yes or no?  This doesn’t give much creditability to him or any other person that would do such a thing.  A step further I did hear things at the Republican Convention I have been waiting fifty years to hear a Presidental canidate say.  By the way I am neither Republican nor Democrat and I also hold three degrees from a large University. 


  • http://www.presentationsupport.com Bob Julius Onggo

    For me,
    whoever becoming the president, the problem stay the same, hard for us, human being to solve total the problem, what do you think?

    Why not hoping to superhuman?


  • Guest

    I am surprised that I have not seen re-runs of McCain at the Rebublican Convention, the night Sarah Palin spoke. When McCain and her family came together on the stage, McCain looked like he was  completely dis-oriented when he did a 360 looking for Palin who was standing right next to him!!!  That was a bit scary to see!

  • Guest

    to McCain

    why cant the White House have 2 presidents,  elected,  Mr MC Cain and

    alabama this would sort out the problem of race .  it would be difficult to impliment,  but it would stand for what the statue of libity stood for  respect for all americans.

  • Guest

    i would like to make the coment  that McCain and alabama should both be president of America,   americans will always be their,   their is  enough room for the 2 presidents to work together as one instead of compeating against each other

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