Obama Explains Lipstick On His Collar, He’s Safe From Michelle

By: John Vinson - May 28, 2013

Politicians who are involved in actual scandal could take some notes from President Obama, who explained lipstick on his collar before others could use their imagination.

The POTUS was speaking at a White House reception for Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, when he noticed a red mark on his collar. He jokingly explained to the audience who the culprit was, and it just so happens to be someone related to an American Idol runner-up. Jessica Sanchez’s aunt to be precise.

“I just want everybody to witness. I do not want to be in trouble with Michelle. That’s why I am calling you out right in front of everybody.”

Enjoy the humorous and well played moment by our President below.

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  • David Larson

    More diversion tactics. He should be banned from giving speeches. What kind of influence is he,when he lies everytime he opens his trap. Impeach and deport the phony. He`s never held a job in his life. Hey dummy we do not care about your shirt. Uh oh I`m going to get audited.

    • Slim Goody

      If you don’t care, then why R you responding to this story STUPID??….. Another Hater who feels the need to rant instead of simply ignoring this & moving on….

    • parleamoi

      watching a metric ton of fox news lately? good lord.