Obama Bumper Stickers Get Overtly Racist

    March 16, 2012
    Mike Tuttle
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Stumpy’s Stickers is a classy joint. If you can’t get to them via that link, you’re not alone. Maybe they’ve run to ground after the news about them that has been burning up Facebook and Tumblr the past couple of days.

Lots of people don’t like President Obama. Lots of people don’t want him re-elected. Some of those people might even say not-nice things about him under their breath or when no one is around that might be offended.

This guy is not one of those people. This sticker is available at Stumpy’s, as we mentioned above. Another has a picture of a chimp and reads “Obama 2012″.


  • Betsy Weathers

    I think this shows that there are still alot of ignorant people out there. There is no need for that kind of rude/crude racist remarks.

  • Bob Smith

    Don’t like the sticker—don’t like the man Sounds like a left wing stunt pulled by axelrod because Obama is in trouble and the left wants to make it a race issue so that poor Obama and his lossy leadership will not be questioned

    • Ezra

      or maybe it’s just a right wing racist.

  • robert

    Whatever happen to free speech, the lefty can say whatever they want with no B.S. But if it the other way around. Its on the news. The media so far up lefty’s A** its funny and sick.

    • Paul

      Free speech does not mean consequence free speech. If someone prints a racist sticker, they leave themselves open to boycott, protest, and complaint. They are free to print it. I’m free to call it racist, bigoted crap and to encourage people to denounce it. I’m totally for this guy to have the right to print this under free speech, because it allows me the same freedom to call the company a bunch of racist douchebags. Beyond that, people always want to see their own camp as the victimized in the media. I can point out a million times I’ve felt that the left gets shut down by the conservative media. Such a crap argument. Oh and if you can’t put up with B.S. by a politically opposing viewpoint, get out of the kitchen. You can’t stand the heat.