Obama Approval Rating Still Solid, Despite Critics

    May 20, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Last week was, perhaps, the toughest week the Obama administration has yet faced. While congressional Republicans were still trying to turn the Benghazi attacks into a full-fledged scandal, two clearly real scandals have appeared seemingly out of nowhere in the past two weeks. One involves the IRS targeting the large influx of tax-exempt Tea Party-related groups for extra scrutiny. The other scandal involves the U.S. Justice Department seizure of Associated Press journalists’ telephone records in secret subpoenas.

It seems, however, that none of the negative press has affected President Obama’s approval ratings. According to a CNN/ORC poll released this weekend, the President still enjoys a 53% approval rating.

This is despite the fact that those polled knew about the recent scandals and even considered them important. 71% of those polled considered the IRS’s actions unacceptable, while 52% thought the Justice Department’s phone record seizures were unacceptable. Over 60% of these same respondents believe that President Obama’s statements about the IRS scandal have been at least mostly true.

Presidential spokespersons have been aggressively combating efforts to link Obama directly to the IRS scandal. White House adviser Dan Pfeiffer this Sunday hit the talk show circuit, stating that the President did not know of the policy before it hit the media.

The President himself did not address the topics this weekend. Instead, the President used his weekly address to speak about building up the middle class in the U.S.:

  • karin morrison

    This country is destroying it’s once well respected reputation. A divided country will not be able to survive. Once a country which was looked up to by most of the rest of the world, is now destroying itself, because of greed, self righteousness and lies about their leader, who has the will and guts to make a positive difference for ALL. If everyone would work together in peace and love, we could get out of all this mess.

  • Denni

    The American public will soon learn the Obama Administration, Obama and the DNC orchestrated the following as a way to keep public opinion on the side of the Obama administration during the presidential election of 2012. (Basically manipulated the press into reducing stature of these events as critical to US’s safety)
    1. Benghazi loss of lives to appear to be about a video when it was about a terrorist group attacking on the anniversary date of 9/11. The cover up and subsequent misleading statements were conceived to reduce the public into believing that the attack was spontaneous. Obama, Obama administration and secretary of state-Pentagon are culpable for the deaths at Benghazi for not beefing of security prior to the attacks after repeated request and real time information that could have allowed CIA and troops to rescue this embassy.

    2. The AP Justice department issue was because the Obama Administration had led the american public by a press release that their were no terrorist activity when indeed a terrorist attack by an International Air carrier had been recently been thwarted. Again the Obama administration thwarted the correct information while the AP made the story accurate. Obama (Admin) now is breaking the first amendment – freedom of press- this again was orchestrated prior to the election.
    3. Last but not least political opponents of the Obama administration were being held at bay by the IRS prior to the election for 2 years for attaining status 2010. All public confidence is lost in the IRS to be bi-partisan and Michelle Bachman is right that we should not allow the IRS to administer Obama care- this could happen repeatedly on a different level for our health care.

    The previous and other key events were orchestrated to win the presidential election at all cost. The cover up of these events prior to the election are impeachable offenses and Obama should be removed from office by Congress. All americans should be concerned that this Chicago style manipulation took place to move the independent voter to status quo. The election would have been appreciably different- the polling numbers statistics would easily prove Obama was trying to prove the war on terror was over with the killing of Osama Bin Laden. Obama administration reduced the number of groups attacking him prior to the election using the IRS. The DNC and the Obama administration had the motive for all this to win the presidential election of 2012 at all cost.

    • chi – guy

      simple minded propaganda like yours is being ignored and will continue to be ignored.But thank you for mentioning looney-tune Bachmann in a favorable manner.That says it all.

      • http://yahoo judy

        to chi-guy you are so stupid.People like you are brain washed.

    • http://yahoo judy

      Amen you hit the nail on the head.People are so blind or else they don’t want the truth.

  • Ray Allen

    Who are the four democrats polled, Not what I am hearing.

  • True American

    Even Satan has a bunch of followers going straight to Hell with him!!!

  • http://yahoo mike smith

    you oboma loseerssuck .he is in to totalluy destroy this country you blind m/fers

  • Michael

    Bullshit where did they take the survey Harlem or Chicago?

    • Slim Goody

      Yea, Yea, we get it!!! All us Obama supporters R all brainwashed & stupid as opposed to the Dumb ass Haters who thought George W & Ronald Reagan was so effin’ great… Lets stop kidding ourselves here… Some of you people will never get over the fact that this man from a different heritage & background was elected twice by the good people of this country just like every other 2 term President in the past.. Some of you never thought this COULD or SHOULD happen & R still in shock, that it did… Policies & ideology aside, thats the main crux of all this hate flowing from a lot of the people who oppose him whether you admit it or not… So GET OVER it & either concentrate on the next election, or try being useful & work together with the rest of the Majority of us open-minded people to strive for a better Country regardless of which Political party is in the White House.. I didn’t care for George W Bush, but I cetaintly didn’t HATE him & wanted him to succeed because thats whats BEST for the Country,,,

  • Slim Goody

    The Majority of the American people aren’t brainwashed… They just choose not to be haters like the small group of narrow-minded ideologs on here who will continue to hate this President, regardless…..